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Endo confirmed after laparoscopy yesterday

I had a lap (excision) yesterday morning and from my muddled memory (anesthetic) endo was found ovaries, uterus, bowel and pouch of douglas (may be other areas but I need to confirm that again with my gyane). I was allowed home late last night, feeling ok just a little sore on the right side and have what I think is the start of a urine infection urgh! Excision surgery to remove nodules and lesions.

I had the mirena coil fitted and due to start zoladex injections in 4 weeks time for a few months to allow the coil time to settle.

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hi. They do like to give us all the information when our heads are still fuzzy!! I'm sorry you have have endometriosis but at least you have a reason for your pain and it sounds like action is being taken to help. Have you been suffering with it for a long while?

be kind to yourself whilst you recover, eat, sleep and relax and in the long run you'll feel the benefit ( I'm very impatient and this doesn't come naturally!!). This forum is brilliant for help, ideas or just a good rant.

take care x


Hi Tillyfloss, thank you for your reply. I believe I've suffered from it for quite some time, I started having bowl and period related problems after the birth of my second child and that was 17 years ago! Recently other symptoms have really got me down, such as really bad bloating, awful periods and painful bladder/urination which prompted me to really seek help, even though I had many tests on the bowl years ago nobody really knew what was wrong so I just slipped through the system :/



hi. How are you feeling today? Unfortunately I think many people slip through the net and getting diagnosed is such a long process. I'm one of the lucky few who literally had no idea I went down to have my appendicitis out as an emergency and came back with an incurable disease id barley heard of and a list of complications that just scared us.

I hope you are taking your time to recover and rest after surgery and you notice a positive change in your pain.

tillyfloss xx


Hi Tillyfloss!

That must have came as a shock, waking up to that news. I do hope your endo is being managed now? Thank you for your kind message, I'm feeling very sore today and needing to pee quite frequently. Gas pain is a bit of a problem too but getting some peppermint oil to help xx


hi. Hope the peppermint oil has helped with the gas I found doing short walks - literally just up the stairs and back helped to relieve it to. Do you have meds to help with the soreness?

it was an emotional rollercoaster ride for us as a cyst had a slow rupture and my pelvis cavity was submerged, I was extremely lucky it was treated just in the nick of time. Since then I've been referred on to a brilliant specialist, just feel safe and that he knows what he's talking about. My operation a few weeks ago didn't go to plan but he dealt with it and so far my pain and drastically reduced. I'll need more surgery but we'll deal with it as and when it comes up.

are you enjoying being looked after by your mum? I've found it a big help I've properly rested and not got the temptation of doing jobs at home.

take care and I hope you feel a bit better every day xx


Hi Tillyfloss, sorry for the late reply. Oh dear it really sounds as if you've been through it, and more surgery needed too. I'm glad to hear your pain has drastically reduced, that alone makes it worthwhile I'm sure.

Thank you so much for your well wishes xx


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