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Strange pain/sensation in pelvis - any idea what this is?

I was diagnosed with endo 9 years ago - I've had five laps and all the possible medical treatments. It's been established that my endo is very mild and my daily pain is neuropathic rather than a result of the endo.

I understand most of the pain and symptoms I get, but I occasionally get a very odd pain/sensation which I have again now and I really don't understand what it is.

It's a similar sensation to having a very full bladder, like before an ultrasound, but the sensation is across my whole pelvis. If I put any pressure on the area, by pressing or just wearing jeans, it causes shooting pains through my pelvis.

Does anyone else experience this, and have you ever had a doctor tell you what it is? I only had my last lap in August, and since the doctors don't believe that endo is causing my pain I'm not supposed to have any further surgery. I don't think this pain is my usual nerve pain as I only get it occasionally. I don't know where i am in my cycle as I currently have the mirena in, but I'm having this removed in a few weeks.

Thanks :)

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Hi cupcakegirl

Sorry to hear about this pain you are experiencing. I have not had a lap nor the mirena so I am not sure if the pain you describe is related to these. Sorry.

I know you probably have already thought of this, but perhaps ask the GP about it when you go and get the mirena removed. Or instead of waiting for that appointment, try get another earlier so you can get an answer. It may be the mirena possibly and they may then remove it earlier?

Sorry I have not of much help, but I hope by answering it has shown you are listened to on here, there are people who care and that you are not alone.

I hope it gets sorted soon for you x


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