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Is this pain endometriosis?

Hi I have been having pain for about 5 months and got a lap next month. I am hoping I have endometriosis but don't at the same time. I know I will get fobbed off if they don't find anything but I am in pain constantly!!!!! I would just like other people's opinion to see if they think it is as I think it is. I can't have sex due to the pain being unbearable!!!! It's like a sharp stabbing pain and it knocks me sick!! Like a throbbing pain in my back and hips all the time. Also awful belly pains and hAving sex triggers it off for a few days, at times in bed bound from this! I also get an achey pain at the very top of my thighs! I got migraines about 3 times a week but not sure if that's anything to do with it!! One I'm really concerned about is I get very full easily I haven't been able to finish a full meal for months! I have to have child portions and try fill me up! I would love to hear what you think about my symptoms and hear about yours too:) thanks xx

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Hello,  I feel your pain. I have had endo for about 16 years and I have all of the same symptoms. I hope that helps. 

I understand what you mean you hope it is endo, but don't. You just want answers, correct??

Best of luck on your lap and I hope you find a diagnosis. You could also have ovarian cysts and a mix of interstitial cystitis. 


Thanks for your help!! I'll look into those too!xxx

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You're welcome :)


Hey, dear!  i'm so sorry for what you're feeling. This is definitely can't be called a comfortable life, unfortunately. I'm an endo sufferer too. Among my previous symptoms - constant pains and dreadfully painful intercourse. But still my only reason for fighting it was to get pregnant.

Your symptoms do look like you're in the case. But I cannot make head or tail you have so many of them. And as for your child's portion it's really worrying. Where to get energy then??

Hun, I think you'd better find a good professional. Do all needed testings to find out properly what's going on with you.

PS I also had surgery which helped me much with killing the pains but not with improving my fertility. We had to apply for egg donation finally.

May God take care of you. Sending positive vibes and hugs to you x


Hi! I am getting a lap next month and they think it's endometriosis but I'm a worrier and would rather know now what I've got! It's worried me that it's hard to get pregnant and things that's why I'm going for everything I can to try and get rid of it if possible xx


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