Weird sensation in pelvis and legs post-lap

Hi ladies, I'm two weeks post-lap where I had two large (10cm) endometriomas excised as well as stage 4 endo. The surgeon said I had a couple of patches on my rectal wall that he didn't touch as that would require specialist surgery. I've been recovering well but in the last two days I've started getting this strange, horrible sensation in my pelvis and legs. It's really hard to describe, it's not painful it's more a 'restless' feeling like I want to jump up and down to make it stop. It's driving me crazy, I can't sleep at night. I would actually welcome pain at this point to distract me from the sensations. My period is due tomorrow (first one since the lap) and I'm hoping maybe it's just something to do with that and it'll go away but the thought of having to experience this every day for the rest of my life is horrifying. I don't know what to do. I never experienced this before the lap. Does anyone have any idea what it might be? TIA. x

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  • Do we have stages in endometriosis?

  • Yes - 4, depending on the severity of the endo 'cysts'

  • Thank you

  • Hi bunny-mac,

    On same situation as you really. Had lap last Tuesday (found more ends on pelvic wall and ureter, so they couldn't do anything need more surgery) but for the week of recovery I've had weird tingling in my right leg, a bit like pins and needles but not sharp and more fuzzy... very hard to describe! I've found moving it and circling ankle relieves some of the 'pressure' but as for how to get the feeling to go away, I'm at a loss :((

  • Sorry you're suffering too, Milly. It's horrible. x

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