I'm in pain everyday! Is this normal? What can I do?

I feel like I've asked this many times but I get more helpful answers from here than my doctors!

My endo has really worsened and I've been in pain every single day since August. I get sharp pains in my lower back, stomach and top of my legs. It's painful to walk & sit down. I feel sick most days and I've lost my appetite completely & I have to force myself to eat. I'm not getting more than 5hrs of sleep because the pain wakes me up!

I've been signed off work since sept and I've been getting worse. I'm not sure if it could be the coil causing this, I've not had a period since June but I still get severe period pains around my usual cycle date

I've not read anywhere about women being in constant pain everyday and I'm getting really worried. However my doctors don't seem to be concerned about it 😕 I was just wondering if anyone else had any similar experiences and if it goes back to normal after a while?

I've just been given Gabapentin & diclofenac recently, anyone had any experience with these?

My work will be making redundancies this year and I'm scared I'll lose my job because of this :( I don't really know what to do anymore.

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  • My pain was always constant. It was only relieved by surgery. I had a lot of adhesions and I think that was what was causing my pain. Once the adhesions are formed they are there all the time. They don't come and go with your cycle so perhaps that is what is causing your pain. I also found my pain got steadily worse and worse until I had my lap. I also had been signed off work for a few months. Do you have a plan for surgery?

  • I had a lap in April and they removed some endo behind my womb and ovaries but they did not check anywhere else. I didn't even know about adhesions until I came on to this site. No doctor has given me that information or any other info on endo if I'm honest.

    I don't have another surgery planned, my doctors are more interested in throwing painkillers at me instead of investigating the problem.

    I've asked to be referred to a bsge clinic but again they're insisting on me seeing a pain specialist instead.

    It's so frustrating

  • I'm so sorry your doctors don't seem to be wanting to get to the route of the problem. I hated just taking painkillers. It just makes it bearable. It doesn't stop the endo growing and causing more damage. Hope you get referred appropriately soon. xx

  • I really hope so too, thank you xx

  • Can you describe ur pain and how it feel everyday plz as I feel I'm going mad!!

  • The pain really varies which makes it frustrating.

    Some days it's like something is pulling on my legs as I'm walking. Or in my lower back it's a more of a sharp pain. My stomach tends to feel more bruised like I've been punched.

    Some days my back will hurt all over like I've been doing heavy lifting.

    I'm sure you're not going mad!

  • Thank you so much for replying yes that's a good description of the pain 😀 X

  • Oh, this is terrible. The European guidelines (ESHRE) that underpin NHS treatment stress in depth that the symptoms of endo that go unrecognised and lead to deep disease are non-cyclical and non-gynaecological. I have just put a file on my facebook support group about how to prepare to see your first gynaecologist that details all these symptoms that doctors should be taking notice of if you would like to join:


  • Yes I joined that group recently, so I'll look for your posts.

    Thanks again Lindle, I really appreciate all your help xx

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