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What is this pain?

Hi ladies,

I'm a bit panicked tonight. Had my sixth lap a month ago, a few days ago I woke up with cystitis and it continued. Last night about 7pm I started getting a weird pain in my left lower back / side above my hip. It's a really intense deep pain and kept me up most of last night. I woke up today and it was pretty much gone, fine through most of the day and then tonight it's back again. I also now have a weird heavy almost numb sensation in my left buttock and going down into my leg.

I've never had anything like this before and don't understand what it could be. I thought maybe it was a kidney infection but I have no temperature and no other symptoms apart from the pain and the cystitis (which isn't as bad as it was).

I have no idea what's going on or how worried I should be - I will call the doctor in the morning but any suggestions to put my mind at rest in the meantime would be appreciated x

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You might have a trapped nerve. I get similar pain in my back and left leg. It's best to see your doctor so you know there's no damage


Hi, I get the same sensation in ma right side above and below my hip a dull ache I take menafemic acid which relieves the pain but it's not nice. I don't know but I think it's my endometriosis that's causing the pain. Good to call the doctor worthwhile doing a urine sample too I think.


It sounds a bit like sciatica...I sometimes suffer from this and it is often worse if I lie down flat and try to get up so could be why you are worse at night? Look it up and see if it sounds familiar. X


Thanks ladies. It's so weird - last night in addition to the pain I had this numbness / tingling in my bum, leg and foot and then waves of pressure inside my lady bits and back passage. This morning yet again the pain is gone but those waves of pressure are still there.

I've had sciatica before after minor back injuries and the pain type is nothing like that - those times it was twinges and shooting pains that are typical of nerve pain. This time the back pain is a really deep gnawing type of pain but a nerve must be affected because of the weird sensations.

I am around ovulation time and I know the ovaries lie on top of a nerve so I wonder if they're inflamed from the surgery maybe... I don't know.

I tried to wake up in time to get an emergency appointment but after two nights of very little sleep I didn't manage it. I will see how it goes today and call in the morning if it's still going on.

Thanks again xxx



I get sciatica when I'm constipated as it presses on the nurve maybe that x


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