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Bowel prep not worked - surgery tomorrow. Help please


Please can you answer a quick question for me. I took citramag at 10am and 4pm as instructed. Been drinking tonnes of fluid, water, tonic water, squash and bovril. I 'went' naturally this morning before I took the BP but haven't since. I was expecting the usual dihorea but haven't gone at all. I'm windy and crampy but that's it. I phoned the ward and the nurse was very vague and doesn't "think" they will cancel but I'm not sure she knew what I was talking about. Please help. Thanks xxxx

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Dont panic, they always have a solution and its called enema! a nurse will do that to you before the lap, its just some kind of water solution (in a plastic bottle) and they just about insert it behind and they empty it with pressure in your bowel. Within half minute you will be running to the loo! lol

This is what they did to me last time, it doesnt hurt at all, its just weird and the urge to empty your bowel afterwards is unreal! :p

Dont worry at all, good luck for tomorrow :)

Jo xxx


Thanks Jo. Wow, that sounds like great fun. I spoke to my GP and she said pretty much the same. So annoying that even this little thing won't go right. Thanks for the reply xxx


Ok, this is no longer a problem. Think my painkillers cause constipation and it took a whole for things to get going. Which they have. Lovely. Now what's the chances I'm gonna spend the night on the loo?


Lol oh well...it could be a long night, thats all I'm saying! Good luck x



I have taken citramag I was given mine late I took my first one at 4:30 pm and the second one about 9:30pm and I didn't start going to the toilet until about 3:30am onwards untill about 7am! and I had a 45 min drive to the hospital at 7:30 was dreading it incase I needed toilet on the way. I can assure you, you will not need the toilet again after those sachet's.

If you have stuck to a light diet days before you shouldn't really get any bad cramps or pains I didn't. Good luck, try not to stress and panic!.xx


If you do have a long night of loo trips, at least you'll have plenty of bed rest tomorrow.

and there's only so much that can come out. it will stop eventually.

Best of Luck for tomorrow.


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