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Do different pills have different effects?

Having a lap for suspected endo on Saturday. I was put back onto Yasmin in December to keep symproms at bay and it did alleviate some. I was swapped 2 weeks ago to Dianette in an attempt to clear up awful skin I gained from July-December whilst not on the pill. My pain journey started in November. This week I have been in pain every day and every day it has gotten progressivley worse (paracetomol and ibuprofen taking and I am waiting for my next dose ). Obviously I will mention this on Saturday. Has anyone else found that some pills are good and some not good for them pain wise?

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They will probably all give out diff side effects. I've bn on a few n one would give me acne, another would give me bleeding, another migraines. Trial

An error I'm afraid. Good luck with ur lap on Saturday xxx


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