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How do I know if I have pcos alongside endo?

So I had my lap in December and endo treated and nor the pain is back and I'm bleeding like crazy. I went to the doctor they say they think it's back or the surgeon didn't do a very good job because the lack of communication after. Lots of girls on here har been diagnosed with pcos because of the endo but how do I know if that's what I may have along side mine?

What are the signs and symptoms type thing for it. I'm hot and cold all the time although mainly hot and walk around in little clothing because of the heat and sweating and stuff. I'm bleeding loads and my face ad chest are covered in acne. It's also making me quite angry the pain and bleeding got so bad yesterday I took some oramorph and also got angry at someone at work because I was so embarrassed that I woke up in a mess and it made me so depressed. I now don't want to leave me house I can't stay at friends houses I get nervous at work and walking around town. I don't know what to do I want it all to end.

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PCOS can be diagnosed easily through blood tests and scans.

The symptoms of PCOS that I have had are; acne. Extra hair growth. Irregular periods and irregular ovulation.

I have had both PCOS and Endo for 20+ years and have managed to have three children,

Good luck,



Hi Princessm,

Really to sorry to hear about everything you are going through. It sounds like it's time to get very pushy and demanding with your doctors which unfortunately seems to be the only way to get anyone to listen and help. As a short term measure you need to get them to stop the bleeding. Stand firm and don't be fobbed off.

Re pcos and endo I think it is entirely possible to have concurrent conditions but the bleeding could be caused by a number of things. The first thing you need to rule out is infection if you are having problems with your temperature. It sounds hormonally driven but best to check you don't have an infection. Demand investigation by your GP.

The surgeon you had, was he or she an endo specialist or just a general gynae? If they haven't treated you properly then go to your GP and demand referral to the appropriate specialist i.e. an endo specialist.

1. Find one nearest you here: bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi... or a provisional centre here: bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-provisi...

2. Choose a specialist

3. Demand that your GP refer you to your chosen specialist. You have the right to choose on the nhs.

If you were treated by an endo specialist you need to get back to them and start demanding answers.

I started bleeding constantly (haemorrhaging) at one point a few years ago. I got myself to hospital and as a short term emergency measure they gave me progestogen pills to halt the bleeding. The diagnosis was endo and fibroids.

I know you are at a very low ebb so it's important that you get your doctors to pay serious attention to your plight. If going to your GP get a double appointment because your situation is complex and deserves attention. There is a way through. Drag up all your energy and demand the care you deserve.

Sending big hugs to you. x


Hiya they gave ruled out any infection or anything else snd said it's definatly back. Doctors I've seen don't recognise his name so I think he's just a gyne rather than an endo specialist but I don't know much about the man at all. I've started goig to the doctors loads again and they are sending me back to discuse another operation. I'm on tablet to slow the bleeding but it a been so bad I now have to use nappu rash cream from the pad rubbin and causing sores Sending big hugs back. Thank you very much xx


How are you doing today Princessm?

When I discussed surgery with my endo specialist a few years ago I quizzed him quite a bit about the risks if any and what his percentage success rates were for the type of operations he was proposing as one of the ops was potentially very risky. You need to do the same with your doc but to be honest, if others think he didn't do a very good job and there were communication issues I really do suggest you get on the case of finding an endo specialist.

Good luck!


Hiya it's just getting worse and worse. The bleeding has stoped but the pain is so bad. Thanks for your advice


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