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General anaesthetic with a cold?

Hi can anyone help? I'm booked for a lap on Monday but have had a nasty cold all week and have now developed a cough too, I've heard that it can be dangerous to have surgery with a cold but don't think I can cope waiting another few months if they postpone the op. do I just neglect to mention the cold or do I risk them putting it off after months and months of waiting???? Any help much appreciated, thank you! X

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This is exactly what happened with my 2nd (latest) lap. I developed a nasty cold a week before the lap, so I went to see the anaesthetist the day before the lap as the gynae told me to do so. The anaesthetist refused to take over as she told me that with chest infection, cough etc there is high risk of getting pneumonia because of the tubes they use and by pumping air in your chest the virus can spread.

So they sent me home with antibiotics and we did the lap a week later. You should check with them, dont take the risk, if its only stuffed nose and sore throat they are usually ok with it, but with cough etc they are likely to postpone it.

Call them asap and if they postpone it, put pressure for a new date soon. You really need to be in your best when recovering from the lap too. I know it can be nerve wracking waiting more, but your overall health is more important.

Good luck xx


Tell them right away, so they don't waste your slot and can let someone else have it, and give them as much notice as possible this weekend, you would want the same courtessy when you are better.

Everyone gets coughs and colds and esp at this time of year, so you could be relying on someone else next week or the week after to graciously give up their operation time to you, if they develop a cold.

So my advice is be sensible, even if you managed to get through surgery, having a cold and cough and having to recover from surgery is going to be very uncomfy and painful every time you cough or blow your nose. You need to be in the best condition you can be in, for surgery.

Speedy recovery wishes to you.


I had a small cold when I had my laparoscopy, and I didn't tell the doctors, and everything went fine. It just depends on you bad you feel I guess and if you have a fever or not. Also if you have a cough it will hurt post-op, and delay recovery. If you don't get better, tell them, they might decide to go ahead or re-schedule soon.

I hope everything goes well :)


I would always tell them as they know the specific risks, I had a slight cold but they decided that it would be OK and it was.... a nasty cold and I think it makes sense for them to postpone it.


Surgery is risky enough, why add more? You can always call your pre assessment department at the hospital to check. Your blood results will already reveal if you are fighting an infection so its not like you can easily hide it?!? Good luck! x


Thank you all, I took your advice and called them, asked all sorts of questions and as I was better than I had been and no sign of infection they performed surgery yesterday. Recovery is worse than I imagined, no one warns you that the tube might cause a cough anyway and tear the stitches! Ouch! Well it's over now thank goodness, thank you all for the advice! X


ouch, please tell your GP about your popped stitches x I am sorry your recovery has been rough so far.. it does get better xx


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