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Any vitamins help with endo ?

Hi there does anyone take any regular vitamins to help with endo ? I have been diagnosed with extensive endo last week with my uterus being fused to my bowel waiting for follow up but have been reading that certain vitamins and minerals can help such as vit d3 b6 b12 selenium and magnesium etc does anyone take any and do they help ? I'm gonna give it a try anythings better than nothing I suppose ...

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I take quite a few vitamins at the moment some I read about and some were recommended by a Nutritionist I saw. All in all I really think they are helping.

I take a magnesium supplement from Nature's Best, it's called Magabsorb and is magnesium citrate which our bodies absorb better. I have also taken a magnesium malate supplement from biocare bought online from the natural dispensary, I preferred this one actually as the tablets are smaller so might revert back. I have noticed a difference since taking magnesium so I think this supplement is worth taking.

I also take fish oil, starflower (borage oil) and acidolphus all from natures best. The acidolphus really helps especially if you have previously had problems with constipation or other related symptoms that were fobbed off as IBS. The starflower oil I think has been helping with my moods as I haven't been so irritable since taking it regularly and people keep commenting on how good my skin looks lol

Fish oil is a really good supplement to take for many things especially endo

I was taking a multivitamin from nature's best called Premtis which had high levels of magnesium, b6, selenium, iron etc but I wasn't sure it was working for me which is why I take magnesium and iron as separate supplements. With some of these multivitamins they use forms of the vitamin that are not easily absorbed by the body because it's cheaper so I think its worth checking the types included.

I lastly also take a supplement called Cellguard Forte it is like a multivitamin but includes things that will specifically build up your immune system. I was recommended this by my nutritionist. This supplement I only need to take for a few months whilst I make changes to my diet.

There are a lot of previous posts on vitamins and diet one of which I started a few months back so use the search option in the top left hand corner to look for these and have a read through



Hi Chris :)

Thanks so much for your reply I've just started taking vitabiotics wellwomen plus omega 3 vits they have

All b vits magnesium selenium omega 3 starflower evening primrose and lots more I know they will benefit me but not sure whether it's best taking the supplements individually as the strengths may be higher that way ?


I think you need to do a bit of reading into endo and nutrition and what the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals for us are. If your multivitamin does not have the required amounts you won't find them beneficial. Amazon has a few books on this.

A quick look online at your supplement I can see the amounts of the key vitamins we need are quite low. You want to be taking about 1000mg of fish oil and your supplement has 400mg. The RDA for magnesium is 300mg and most people don't get anyway near enough, your supplement has 100mg. Also the amounts of vit b6 at 10mg is low, the premtis supplement I took had 50mg of vit b6.

Another thing to note is that you also want to be having a good anti inflammatory diet along side vitamins and minerals.

Hope this helps


Thanks Tina 23 after starting them I realised they were too low so am going to invest in them separately as don't want to take them if they are not going to make any difference :)



I'm on natures best web page

I've found premtis do you think it's worth me trying these ? As they sound a lot better mg compared to wellwomen

Plus the fish oil 1200mg

And starflower oil 1000mg I was looking at omega 3,6,9

But fish oil was only 379mg and starflower only 200mg in it

Going to purchase ones fir sure but wanted to get your opinion on the strengths etc :)

Appreciate your help

Lisa xxx


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