Struggling with endo symptoms

Hi all,I am currently waiting for a lap to diagnose endo I am currently experiencing very worrying symptoms I can not eat with out feeling nauseous and if I can manage to eat I feel full after a couple of mouthfuls this has been going on a couple of months now,I have been to GP who has given me anti sickness tablets but they don't help with the problem of me not being able to eat enough.I have lost nearly a stone in weight since this has all started,my GP has contacted the hospital to try and get me the op question to you all is,is this endo related could the endo have spread to my intestine which is causing all these symptoms.I'm at a total loss and I living a nightmare at the moment..

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Hi, I think feeling nauseous is a symptom from endo, I've felt sick often, I've been put on the link pill since the 18th Dec, and now feel sick every day, are you on ant medication?

I've lost my appetite too, but that comes and goes,

I hope you get your answers soon,


Hi,my GP gave me anti sickness tablets to help but it's not always helping! I hope to get answers to as I'm living a nightmare at mo 😧

I have hardly eaten for months now! I wanted to loss weight, and have now lost nearly 4 stone since October (almost back to where I should be in terms of BMI!)

I would like to be able to finish a meal, really ruined Xmas for me... 😢

It could be endo yes. I am the same as you and its aweful.. I have times that I can eat only crispy bread and butter! Staying gluten and lactose free helped a lot, at least now I can feel better in general and have symptoms usually only during ovulation and menstruation. Feels like you are pregnant but you are not 😅 the diet helped my bowels too but go to your doctor and discuss this first before you try it.

I am currently awaiting a lap appointment but doctors think I might have bowel and or bladder endo on top of my ovarian endo. However symptoms like these could come just from those crazy hormones we get...and thats where the diets helped me.

Hi there before I diagnosed I had the same thing like someone else has also commented you may find it easier to go gluten wheat and dairy free I have it's difficult at first but it does stop the sickness one of the reasons you may be nauseous is either medication or it can be inflammation you can tell if it's that if you have a very low grade temperature. Hope this helps and that you get in sooner xx

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