Has anyone ever had problems with endo that is stuck to organs?

I have suffered endo for roughly 10yrs. I have tried painkillers, anti inflamm, mini pill, injections and laser treatment but after going back to hospital 2 weeks ago for more laser treatment it could not be done because the doctor said it would be too risky where it was. It is also completely stuck to my left side and have adhesions to my right side.

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  • If your current gynae is not able to do your surgery himself, he should refer you to a specialist who can - there are specialists who deal with endo affecting the bowel and bladder etc and work in conjunction with bowel surgeons. I'm not sure what is stuck to what in your case but it is common for adhesions to stick things together - my bowel was twisted and a tube stuck to it, but these things can usually be dealt with by a specialist.

    If you haven't already been referred, see your doctor and ask - I don't know whereabouts you are in the country but there are excellent specialists at the John Radcliffe in Oxford which is fairly central.

    What the gynae shouldn't do is say its too complex and therefore do nothing as it will just get worse - have they suggested you have a course of zoladex or similar?

    It sounds like your endo is quite severe so really you need excision surgery rather than laser - again, a specialist can do this for you.

    Good luck


  • Thank you for your input. I am going back to the gyno doc in March so I hope I get some answers to what the next stage would be for me. I will keep everyone posted.

  • Hey i had my lap done 2months ago and was shocked to hear how bad my endo was. My ovaries were covered in cysts and had been pulled in and stuck to my bowel but were separated and put back into place, endo as far down as my cervix and i had a mass of endo between my womb and my bowel think its called the pouch of douglas! Was told i needed an MRI scan because it was risky to operate and needed to see for sure what the outcome would be. Was then told i needed temp menopause to shrink whats left as the more ops i get the more damage they do. Scary how bad it can get tho. hope u get what u need to tho xx

  • Thanks for your input. Last year was my second attempt at temp menopause with the injections. I have no idea what the gyno doc will do next. Will keep everyone posted.

  • I was the same iv had a lap and laparotomy it's do bad that all my insides are so badly scarred and tubes blocked , my cervix was moved up as everything was so stuck but I still have it on my bowl and starting to get slot if pain now , I can't face another opp

  • Thanks for getting back to me. It is a long struggle sometimes and very short if any benefits inbetween. Keep me posted on how you are getting on.

  • I wa told my tubes were fine but not to sure what to believe, Ive got alot of scarring too and endo still there. This endo sucks eh! And it will always cause us trouble :( hope ur well xx

  • They said my tubes and ovaries are ok thankfully. You are right, oh to be a wuman eh!

  • Hi, I also had adhesions in multiple areas mainly to my bowel, and near to my left ureter I was told by my surgeon that I was untreatable in 2009! I was also diagnosed with ashermans for which I found a surgeon in london to treat that but I wasn't funded for my endo! In 2011 my gp referred me to another gynaecologist who operated on my bowel adhesions at last. There are consultants around, unfortunately im having problems again, this is so miserable

  • Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry to hear all the trouble you are having. Its a never ending story having endo eh. I have never heard of ashermans, what is that?

  • Ashermans is scar tissue inside the uterus, caused in my case by a botched c section. I desperately want 1 more child but odds are heavily against me with endo and ashermans!

  • Hi there. On my first visit to Operating Theatre my left ovary and fallopian were removed because of cyst. This was attached to bowel. Second trip to OT in Nov'12 bowels again stuck to wall with lesions , etc and right ovary stuck to pelvic wall. My recum has a 3cm endo mass which has encased my ureters so now waiting for a full hysterectomy and op to free the said above. Cant wait for endo of Endo!! :] x

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