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Does or Has anyone ever had shoulder pain due to Endo?


Does or Has anyone ever had shoulder pain due to Endo?

Its not a pain thats constant but when its there it feels quite heavy as if someone is pushing down! When it subsides it feels slightly achey ...

Almost similar to anesthesic pain!

Thankyou in advance

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Hi Saz74, im not sure about this I have only had Endo for a year, have you seen your doctor about this? Its certainly worth looking into im sure thats the last thing you need!

Hope it goes away


hi, thankyou for your reply.

ive had a few people say its probably because of the endo.

im waiting to see a gynie (hopefully soon) but i will defo mention it :)

i get this but not sure if its down to endo as iv been told i dont have any after having my lap...but it is a horrid feeling xx

I get this at times, but I'm not sure if it's directly related (e.g. Endo pushing on nerves) or just because I hold my body differently during times of pain - if that makes sense!

I get shoulder pains every now and then! In rare cases endo has been known to travel to the brain, god knows how, but it has done! Also after a lap you will have air in your system and it tends to travel to your shoulder. i learnt a trick and it does help sometimes, just keep your arm straight up in the air, if its air this will help x

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