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Has anyone had kidney problems?

I have really painful kidneys at the moment, especially after I empty my bladder they seem to really throb! I have also had a headache for the last few days and have felt sicky and had no appetite. I feel completely exhausted, and just feel fed up of feeling like this.

I went to the doctor yesterday and they tested my urine and said there was no sign of infection. I tend to suffer with these symptoms quite often and it does usually turn out to be an infection so i was shocked this time that it wasn't. Can this be linked to endo at all?? Thanks. Jazz :)

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Yes! I started having agonising back pain. Generally sore with some seriously painful stabbing pain. Went to gp who said it was kidney pain. Blood and urine tested negative for infection. I'd previously gone to gp about pain on right side which occurred at ovulation.

Still no idea what is causing it but I've been listed for a lap.

I've read you can have endo on the ureter (tube from bladder to kidneys). I've posted a question on here asking if anyone found out the cause of their kidney pain but not had responses yet. If you need any more info about my symptoms they are in my other posts.

Hope you feel better soon



Thanks for your reply! At least i know im not alone!

Hope your lap provides some answers! Xx


Yes my endo is situated on the tube from my kidney to bladder and I always have a sore bladder and kidney pain. I got it so bad a few weeks back that I passed out from the pain and had to be signed off work for a week.

Not very nice at all :( xx

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Amyjadecook, would you mind telling me what some of your symptoms were? I've luckily not passed out yet but my pain is getting worse. I now getting it on my left side as well. Yesterday was another day when I struggled to walk from the pain!


I just started to get pains in my stomach like normal but they then travelled up to my side, like really sharp pains. I left it all night which was silly and still had them when I woke up. Another thing I always get is a sore bladder and when I have a wee it hurts. Xx


Thank you amyjadecook, I think myself and Andysgirl are grateful that sooner else can describe their symptoms. When I replied to you I thought I was replying on my own post about kidney pain. ( sorry Andysgirl!my head all over the place at the min so didn't mean to jump on your thread) x


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