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has anyone had this stinging sensation?

Hi I was diagnosed with out a laproscopy 10 years ago due to a lump on my stomach he said it was impactual endometriosis caused from my ceaser and it would be to dangerous to do a lap as vision would be greatly effected due to part of my uterus sticking to my stomach wall , so for years i have coped with this but the past two years it has got worse , I am due to see a gyno on the 7th but my period is now and the pain is awful it lasts many days either side of my period . I feel like my insides are bad , all my right side aches from under my rib right down to my lump and it stings like mad inside like a my whole right side is rotten anyone else experience this ? the stinging and stabbing pains anyone who have had endo stook to their bowel ect is this what it feels like? I get black blood at the end of my periods and loose large clots and get chronic cramps , please all advice welcome at the end of my tether xxxx

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Hi there! Poor you I'm sorry your having such a terrible time of it!!! I have same symptoms and was diagnosed with adenomyosis (sometimes called bulky uterus) which is one part of the uterus growing into another (like Endo). Causing longer heavier bleeding, cramping, back aches, swollen bloated abdo - to name a few :( you don't mention your age or whether uve had any children as experts say this will usually affect women who are 30+ who are nearing the end of their child bearing years and calms down after menopause as periods stop. I don't know if this helps, obviously you need to see your gynae as they will diagnose you. I truly hope you can find some answers and get the help you need. Sending you big fat hugs!!! Tracie :) xxxxxx


HI Tracie looking through past post I seen this how did you get on that gnyo ?xx


hey hunni that is awful im so sorry to hear that, I really hope things get better, just dnt giv up or let it ruin you, i know its easier sed than done!

I know how your feeling the only way I can actually describe my pain is a stinging and stabbing sensation too, for me its like a bee sting or and elastic band pinging my insides or a burning sensation.

it is so hard i know just hang in there and let us know how u get on and keep going to the doctors until they actually do something!

take care



hiya and thank you to you both for the comments I am 32 with 2 children ,I can relate there with the stinging and stabbing aswell . did you get a diagnosis? and I have also heard of that adenomyosis I am not sure what is going on but feels like my organs on the right side are rotten stabbing and stinging is one of many syptoms ,have you both had diagnosis ? do you feel any better for it ? i hope so .have a lovely christmas xx


Hi again! Yes I had a diagnosis. I'm on zoladex injections with small amount of estrogen therapy as I have oestrogen dominance syndrome and Endo and broad

Ligament varicocele and altogether have had some awful awful pain and symptoms of

Menopause, etc etc.....zoladex has defo helped hugely but as my pain and some symptoms continued through my treatment, this was almost like a virtual laparoscopy to diagnose without further surgeries as I've had a few! My periods stopped and my menopause symptoms have gone due to zoladex and addback hrt , but the hrt

Has increased my

Pain again and I'm due back to see gynae on 7th jan when I'm going to agree to having a total radical hysterectomy as I've had enough now. I'm 40 with 4 beautiful children and been suffering for 5 years!!! I truly hope u get some answers and relief from these awful symptoms!!! Big loves Tracie xxxx


Oh my god I feel so bad for you ,I hope a radical hysterectomy is the right choice for you , I am to at the gyno on the 7th January I have been left confused in the past by old gyno so I didnt go back . I have a app with a new one . things are getting worse black blood and pain from under my rib to my groin , I hardly sleep on my period it sure does take its toll . if you think on let me on this blog how you get on at the gyno I can relate and with that in mind I wish you all the best xxxx


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