Has anyone had problems with their stomach or bowels?

Last year I started to have stomach cramps, diarrh, feeling sick, and headaches. I thought at first I had a bug but it wasnt. I went for stomach and bowel tests at the hospital which all came back clear so gastro doc said it was my IBS. My gyno said it was my endo because she gave me injection and said if symptoms get better it would suggest that it is your endo causing the problems. I even at one point took myself to a specialist who said I was intolerant to diary and fruit. I cut it out, then reintroduced it a few months ago. Over the past few days I have had problems with my stomach and bowels again but I am so confused as to what it could be.

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  • Could be endo, I currently have this on my bladder and bowel and will be having my 4th lap on the 1st March, I have stomach ache and problems when I open my bowels hope youget it sorted soon. xx

  • Thank you for getting back to me. 3years ago I had it on my stomach linning and ligaments which they managed to laser. This time, I was at hos 2 weeks ago for more laser treatment but they couldnt laser it, doc said it was too risky where it was, I only had it in the sac of douglas but my left ovary is completely stuck to my fallopian tube, abdominal and pelvic wall. My right side has adhesions. Thankfully both ovaries and fallopian tubes are ok. I just dont understand why it or if it is my endo causing problems with my stomach and bowels.

  • Before I started the treatment I am on now after an attempted hysterectomy, I was in theatre for 3 hours - they called a bladder & bowel specialist in as everything is covered in it, it is also in the pouch of douglas, and I have what they call frozen pelvis. They managed to remove one ovary with a 12cm cyst, but could not locate the other due to the endo. I used to get severe stabbing pain between my ribs that felt like someone was grabbing my insides, pulling and twisting them down. I also used to have trouble when needing bowel movements, and lower back ache, plus awful period pains (including horrible heavy periods) & tiredness. Now I am on medication that stop my periods I don't have it. Hope you get sorted x

  • Thank you for getting back to me. I have been very lucky in that I haven't had a great deal of spots of endo. I just am confused as to why since getting my lararoscopy 2 weeks ago I am having so much pain, discomfort and stomach and bowel probs. I have never had endo on my bladder or bowels. I am one confused lady! Hope you feel better soon. X

  • Could ur issue be an infection following the Lap. I had one last yr which made me really ill & I had to have 4 lots of anti-biotics. I got a water & throat infection followed by a chest infection. Might b worth seeing ur gp. Mine was v good & made me a priority when I told them I'd recently had a lap. Good luck & feel better soon x

  • Thank you for your help. I got my lap nearly 3 weeks ago so would i not have had problems straight after it and not 3 weeks later? You could be right though, I will see how I am over next week or so. I am going back to see gyno doc in 2 weeks anyway. Thanks again.

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