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Laser acupuncture works wonders


I have had great success managing my endometriosis pain with laser acupuncture, also called laser therapy. I first tried laser therapy to help with painful tennis elbow. I went from having a sore elbow for 18 months to the pain vanishing. It was amazing! When I started getting endo pain, I had it treated the same way. I believe the laser treatment reduces the lesions and keeps it under control. I do a monthly appointment to maintain. They aim the laser at the points where I feel the most pain. You cannot feel the laser whatsoever. But it does work for me. I hope others can find some relief through laser acupuncture too.

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Thank you for posting this. Due to being put on a drug 20 years ago that has caused me to have high blood pressure (and therefore on bp meds) for the rest of my life I can't take any hormone treatments for Endo. I have to just take strong painkillers when it hits so I'm always looking out for more natural ways that could help. I've tried homeopathy with little success and massage therapy which helped somewhat - perhaps it just helped me stay more relaxed and so pain was more manageable, so it's good to hear of something else that I can research xx

Sorry to be cynical but this seems like a sly attempt at advertising to me

Louise5 in reply to jojo181180

I hadn't even thought of that although doesn't mean you're wrong! Just had a quick google and there are lots of positive things said about this treatment. Perhaps it's one of those things an individual could research and if they felt it was worth a try after looking at all the evidence then they make that decision. Anything to help with endo is always welcome!

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I live in Kitchener canada. I own a restaurant here and have nothing to gain from this. this treatment works for me and I felt I should share it with this group. I don't know if the treatment has a different name in the UK. Best of luck

I am qualified in acupuncture but no longer practising.

Sorry but if they are aiming the laser at where the pain hurts most then it is not acupuncture of any description. For it to have anything to do with acupuncture it would have to target some of the 500 or so acupuncture points on the body and only certain one of those would be relevant to endometriosis. I am currently doing a lot of reading up of both endometriosis and acupuncture to try and extend my existing knowledge to put together a comprehensive list of points to treat endometriosis. When I worked it all out I'll put some diagrams together. It will not cure endometriosis it will just help with symptoms. Until now the Large Intestine 4 point in the web of the finger between the thumb and first finger is the main one for any pain in the body and for period pain and other uterus problems. It should never be used whilst pregnant as it induces labour. Any acupuncture point can be used with acupressure, or heating the area slightly with an intense stick (being careful not to burn it obviously). The best way to treat LI4 at home is to use the thumb and finger of the other hand and press the thumb into the point.

Are you in the UK by any chance. I have heard about the laser once for pain but have no idea where it is actually available.

I would be interested in for pack pain.

County in reply to Jade

To find a clinic try googling laser therapy pain with the name of your town :)

thank you for this I will look it to this I get really bad pelvic pain and I am meant to be having a hysterectomy which I would rather advoid could try this to see - was in instant results?

Hi where is a centre near me in Surrey please

Persil xx

County in reply to persil

I just googled it, I'm not recommending this clinic per se:)

Interesting. I have an appointment with the chronic pain clinic next month, so I shall investigate. I presume you have to pay for it yourself?

County in reply to SueBonnington

I live in Canada, it costs $65 per session which is about 40 quid.

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