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What was your first period like after laparoscopy and when did it come?



I had my laparoscopy a couple of weeks ago and it was a few days before I was due to ovulate. I am due today but do not have usual premenstrual symptoms. I'm not sure if this is cos I have had the endo removed or if it means my period is gonna be late. When did you get your period after your op - was it early / late? When in your cycle did you have op as I figure if it is before ovulation it could make a difference but post ovulation might not. Also what was it like and did you get usual premenstrual symptoms? Also meant to say I had hysteroscopy and myomectomy to remove fibroid at same time. Don't know if this makes a difference.


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Hi there

I've had 2laps & hysteroscopies at the same time & my period arrived when it was due. So in my experience the procedures didn't have any effect on my cycle. What I would say is that it was very painful indeed especially after the 2nd lap as I had excision surgery. But I know everyone is different so it may differ for various ladies.

Hope this helps a bit. ?

Thanks. Did you have the surgery before or after ovulation?

I had the surgery before ovulation.

Thanks. Hopefully it's on its way then.

Mine was absolutely horrendous but then I came on 3 days after the operation so was extremely sore anyway. It felt like childbirth contractions to be honest but my body has never been very good with pain! Everyone is different so you have the potential for it to be fine :) I'd recommend keeping up with the painkillers just in case :)

I wrote a blog about it at the time:


Both my laps made me start my period the next day one of which last 3 months :( The second lap was worse as I got gastroenteritus (excuse the spelling) and was vomiting continuously for 24 hours. It was agony being that sick 2 days after my lap.

Saying that my best friend recently had a lot of cysts removed from her ovaries and hasn't had a period since, think it's about 3 months now.

Everyone is different so I wouldn't worry about it too much as that in itself can prevent your period starting. Men seriously have no idea how lucky they are lol xx

Ouch. Having first period since laparoscopy now and it's really hurting. Yesterday I did quite a bit since the op for the first time and by the end of the day I was worried I'd overdone it as my legs and sides were hurting but especially my right ovary which was stuck to my bowel with endo so they released it. Today I got my period which is more heavy than usual but my right ovary is hurting even more. Does this mean the endo / period is coming back up my right tube again and forming up there again?

Hey! I just had laparoscopy for endo and they found it was attached to my bowel. My surgeon didn't feel comfortable releasing it without a rectal surgeon also so I have to get it done again. Is it really painful? And after did it help a lot with the pain and bowel movements?

I had a laparoscopy 2 weeks ago and started my period today, 10 days early..which I'm slightly concerned about. I'm assuming it's just a period and not bleeding from other reasons. I've had steady pain but not very severe.

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