Going back to wearing Tampons after Laparoscopy ???

Hi Ladies, I wonder if you could advise me as too when (if you wear tampons) you started wearing them again I've been discharged now from my surgeon so I can't ask him and forgot to ask at my post Op review but I've just come on my period and It's still very heavy I thought Surgery was supposed to improve :( this Will be my second or Third period after the Op its been just over 8weeks now and am a bit scared to start with the Tampons again they are the only thing that I don't leak through ect please help :)

Sorry for the bluntness I can't say it any other way hehe :)

Gem Xxxxx

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  • My third period post op just finished and I wore tampons as usual, I even wore during my second period, they had told me only in the very first one just after lap not to use any.

    So you will be fine ;)

    Jo x

  • Hi Jojo Thankyou I'm just really nervous as I still have a slight tightness feeling but I was stitched internally behind me belly button holding my bowel up No idea why surgeon just said it was just to close operation ??? The cramps are unreal how has ur periods been post Op ??? I'm still v heavy :(

    Gem Xx

  • They were worse than ever!

    Heavy periods and severe pain way worse than before operation! but my third one was much better, i think it will eventually ease (fingers x for both you and me!) :)

    Jo xx

  • I just wanted to say that wearing tampons isn't really good especially if u have Endo x

  • As long as you change them regularly, tampons are generally fine, and as Tired10 has said very necessary, especially for women who have endo with its associated flooding :)

  • Hey JoJo I'm hoping they Will get better :) Hi Emmashead I can't wear pads as I leak straight through them :( and I do not find them very hygienic I feel more comfortable wearing Tampons as I am so heavy :(

    Thankyou for your replies

    Gem xx

  • Jojo My fingers are crossed for both of us :) xx

  • Hi Gem,

    I was told to wait two weeks after the op before using tampons, so I should think you will be absolutely fine now :)

    Hope that helps.

    Heather x

  • Hi Heather, Thankyou for this reply :) I'm wearing them now but still very tender after 9weeks post Op :( xxxx

  • Wearing tampons can create a back flow so the bleeding can go through ur falopian tubes and make Endo worse which is the main reason they think that's the actual cause I'll try n find the info for u its worth knowing x

  • Hi Emma - nobody knows yet exactly what causes endometriosis which is why they haven't found a cure yet, but the argument for retro menstruation being the cause is now weakening in the face of new evidence coming to light about chemical and genetic indications.

    And if you've already got endometriosis, wearing a tampon cannot make the situation worse. I had endometriosis long before I started wearing tampons ;) At the end of the day though, it's all down to personal choice x

  • Hey I no there isn't a cure and I no tampons aren't the reason for Endo as I've never worn them but wearing tampons especially if u have Endo isn't a good idea, mainly coz of the dioxins in them x

  • I was only trying to help I do my research if I didn't no this then I wouldn't have said it

  • There are my theories about what is the cause of endo, but nothing proved completely, this is the reason why they havent found the solution and cure yet.

    I will agree that tampons are not the ideal if you dont change them every few hours, but when the flow is massive there are limited options. I have seen 3 endo gynae (2 private) they all said its fine as long as you change it every few hours and not straight after the lap.

    Jo x

  • Hi Gem!

    I never even thought about it, I had a lap 10 days ago, period came on Friday past (it was early - I assume from all their hoking about in that region) and I've been wearing away at them lol, and I'm fine. Must say this is the heaviest one I've had in a long time, but it's nowhere near as painful as normal. I know its heavy but is your pain any better out of interest? xx

  • Whoops I've just had a proper read through this, maybe I shouldn't be wearing them, I will stop ;-)

    Does anyone know, would a lap actually stop heavy periods anyway? I get why the pain would be better, from removing the deposits elsewhere that bleed too, but how would getting them deposits burnt off or cut off mean your periods would be lighter?

    Rach xox

  • Hi Belfast Rach, I wore a tampons today and still very tender :( I'm 9weeks post Op my period us sooooooo heavy and this is my second proper one I'm also clotting and in a lot of pain I've been very emotional cause at present it feels I've gone through this long recovery and nothing seems to of changed I'm just about to go see my GP now ill keep you posted How is your recovery going ??? Hope its going okay :)

    Gem Xxx

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