Tampons?? I need advice

I've had a lot of pain with this period, and they are always extremely heavy, I've always used tampons the smallest ones because any other are uncomfortable and I use pads at the same time but this time even when I've put the tampon in I have an awful pain in my stomach. And when it's in the same pain stays until it's out, I can't not sleep without tampons otherwise I wake up with a mess and have to wash the sheets, again!!! Does anyone know why it's hurting so much or ever have this themselves?? Hope your all as well as can be x

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This was probably one of my first signs. I was experiencing this long before I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I've not been able to wear them for years. I know exactly what you mean about the pain whilst it's in & the relief as soon as you take it out is instant.

Now that I know it's related and have read that it can cause a back up because you are 'blocking' the natural passing of the blood I have actually advised my sister to advise her daughter when she's old enough not to use them.

I have also read that sanitary wear (including towels) should be 'organic cotton' as others contain bleaching agents and a substance which I can't remember the name of. This is known to aggravate endometriosis. They may also contain pesticides.

You can get them in waitrose.

Regarding the 'mess', I have used puppy training pads in the past. I'm sure that's not what they were designed for, however, it works and saves all the washing!

Thank you for replying. I havent generally used them much before as ive had the coil and was adviced not to but last night I was up out of bed every half an hour.

I used to get a continuous water infection due to the perfumes and bleach used in sanitary wear so I only use cotton ones.

Is it causes pain because it is causing a back up or is it other reasons?? Xx

Hi Hun, I've had much less pain since not using tampons, quite unbelievable really. I was to,d by the NHs not to use tampons recently, no one had told me this before and I can't believe the difference. I wear two pair of pants for security but also have to get up every hour but I'd rather do that than make the pain or endo worse. X

Pouch of Douglas endo. I have this problem and had a nodule removed, which I can tell it is growing back. I couldn't use tampons until it was removed, I used them last period but this period the uncomfortable feeling is returning. X

I've got the same problem. I had endo removed in December and I'm waiting to see the hospital again as my pain is back again and the doctor I saw said she thinks my endo is back again. I'm on the pill and I'm still bleeding and it becomes quite heavy so I'm taking my week off this week to see if it helps after. I tried using tampons this time around although it was so painful. Yesterday it just wouldn't go in properly and it was so uncomfortable so had to take it back out. I hate wearing pads because of the flow and I'm scared it a going to show up while I'm at work. I hate wearing jeans as well l live in my leggings. It's so awkward. When it wasn't happening i tried to have sex and it brought it all back again. This pain is just getting so bad i get days when I'm scared to leave my house xxx

I wouldn't describe pain when I use tampons but it definitely feels uncomfortable recently. I absolutely hate using pads though. I really, really hate them!

I just completely hate periods all together!! Xxx

Hi Becky,

I always used tampons until about 1 year ago. I started researching my endo condition and discovered that most brands of tampon have been chlorine bleached to give them that clean bright white colour, however this bleach contains toxic dioxins which are then absorbed by the body and may make endo worse.....I use pads now and night time Always pads at night time as there are longer in length, thicker so more protection!!! You can buy organic tampons that haven't been through the whole bleaching process though see link hope this helps!!!!http://www.natracare.com/WhereToBuy.aspx?CountryId=31&PageId=23&CultureId=en-GB

Thank you! Ive tried all sort of different tampon and towels with no bleach or anything. They all just seem to give me a stomach ache! Just feel awful today. I was up every half hour to go to the toilet. I'm shattered and sore. Thank you all for your help xx

Have you tried using something like a mooncup? I found I can tolerate that much better than the tampons - I had to stop using them about 7 years ago, my body seemed to find having any tampon inside me unbearable -I would be desperate to get it out! Best wishes.

I too found the mooncup great, especially at night. It's very soft so more comfortable. It also has more capacity than any tampon.

I've looked into them but I don't partucually like the thought of them. I was just worrying if the pain of having the tampon in was normal xxx

Ive been using tampons since i was 14 i am now 35 this week ive used only pads and ive only taken 1painkiller on the first day no tablets since (i used to take 5 a day) my cramps havent been as severe and my energy levels have improved. Also my post symptoms are not as bad and my period is two days shorter.

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