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Extreme Tiredness anyone?

This is a daft question, as I'm pretty sure I know the answer before I even start but never mind.

Does anyone else feel EXTREMELY tired, like all the time? I always feel like I could go to sleep but I can never sleep at night! I'm exhausted sat here typing this!

I'm on anti-biotics at the min (Co-Amoxiclav)

Naproxen (500mg)

Dihydrocodeine (30mg)

and lastly paracetamol (500mg)

Is it the pills or the endo or a combination of the two?

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i go through bouts of extreme tiredness i must admit, there are just some days/weeks where i feel i could sleep 24/7, but i think it's probably down to how much i've worked or done - you are probably feeling a bit more tired if you're taking the co-amoxiclav, i had those a few months back when i had a kidney infection, so if you've got something it could be making you feel more tired than usual - i also take co-codalmol 500/30mg and mefanamic acid on a regular basis, i try to avoid the co-codamol as they can make me a bit spaced out, i really am rubbish with tablets which is why i try to manage with the mefanamic and paracetamol but that can be difficult when feeling rough.

see how you feel once you've stopped the co-amoxiclav, it usually takes a good week before they are out of your system properly but i do think that endo or endo symptoms can cause tiredness in general anyway xxx


Yes! I get extremely tired and go through periods of feeling completely exhausted, it generally ties into when im suffering badly with endo pain, think its my body under attack from the pain and it jsut cant cope! I agree with worth71, it seems to come and go, where I'll have a bout where I stuggle to keep my eyes open and then at other times I'm a lot better. I would say that since I've been doing the endo diet I have had a lot more energy, still tired a lot but haven't suffered badly from feeling utterly exhausted so it might be worth giving that a go x


i agree about diet, although i've not tried the endo diet i am trying to eat healthily in general but if i have a day or even just a few items of junk food then i feel much worse a few hours later, it's a good incentive to not eat too much chocolate or naughty things xx


Me too! I go through stages like the other ladies have said. I went for about 6 months when I was on tramadol, co-dydramol, transmanic acid and mefenamic acid where I'd get up take the kids to school, come home, fall asleep on the sofa until it was time to go get them. That was with sleeping at night and being woken up about 4-5am with tummy pains. Tiredness is a symptom of endo as far as I know. I feel like I've missed a chunk of my life due to being asleep lol!

Hope you find something to make you feel more alive, if you find an answer please let me know what it is :D x


i also find tiredness a big problem. its hard to say whether its the pills, the endo or something else. the only way to find out is by ruling things out. if you think it might be the pills try something else if at all possible? also it sounds silly, but just making sure you have a good routine can really help. i used to sleep all hours due to the pain, and now i make an effort to get up a good time even if i slept late, and to always be in bed a reasonable time, and most importantly a similar time each day. this has actually really helped. i was sceptical when my doctor told me this, but its definately helped. also think about what you are eating. when we are in pain with endo sometimes all we want is junk food or easy food, and if you are tired this is definately true, but this can be perpetuating the cycle, so try to eat healthy too if at all possible. finally, make sure you try to go out and take a short walk or something every day so that you get exercize. i often find when im in pain i stay in and dont go out, and i think this makes you feel tired and low. if you are already doing all these things, then i dont know what to suggest. unfortunately, i think its just a part of endo, so its just trying to manage it. my solution was to buy a pet, because it gives me something to get up for as i have to take care of them and they also give a lot of love back and make me feel better:) hope you feel better soon xx


why dont you take Magnesium Citrate 100mg vitamins as they do help alot for tiredness... as i get tired as well without that i get even more tired... those vitamins really helps xx


I'm feeling very tired and low today and I'm sure it's because of the pain I've been experiencing for the last 24 hours. It just wears you out. I find myself sighing heavily too.


hi, yes i get chronic fatigue , if im off work , which is only holidays or recently surgery, im less tired, but endo and work = tired. plus they diagnosed fybromyalgia which apparently has been linked with endo . i have days im okay then days im totally wiped out. but think about it, yr body is trying to fight something all the time .ive just got a tonic from holland and barret


I take mefenamic acid, and cocodamol 30/500mg. I am constantly exhausted, grey faced and ready to drop!

I haven't been diagnosed, so not sure what the cause is but i do think endo plays a part in tiredness and fatigue.. sorry I can't be much help.

I'd say the Naproxen probably don't help, they made me space out so had to stop taking, my mum also can't take them regularly.. xx


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