Extreme tiredness

Hi everyone

I have recently been really tired felt really ill and have very achy joints and muscles in my legs, I've seen gp who has done blood test and. tested me for infection , arthritis, thyroid and protein but all came back normal according to receptionist although not seeing gp till a wk on Monday !! Gutted they have not found a reason and beginning to wonder if its endo making me feel like this? I have usual endo pain but not making me feel like this before? Has anyone else felt like this? Thanks x

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  • hi there, i feel like this every day. i sleep most days 10-12 hours and if i dont i feel awful. i think it is definitely a side effect of endo for many women, although i dont believe it is recognised as such. i wish i could offer you advice on this, but i havent found a solution yet. a good diet can help to some extent, but im not sure other than that. feel better xx

  • Hi, am in menopause after endo and also feel like this every day, am 48 but sometimes feel 100, oh well, its just as well the brain is getting younger to compensate!

  • Hi Catcat

    You've described the symptoms I have perfectly. I had a Lap in August to removed Endo and before that I did feel tired and had a few achy joints but compared to some ladies I don't think my symptoms were too bad. After the op though I now feel exhausted, some weeks are worst than others but that's to be expected I suppose. I feel so unwell but wouldn't know how to put it into words. I have a follow up appointment with my consultant in December but I'm not expecting him to be able to do much as we want to try for another baby so can't risk taking any medication.

  • Yes, very achey due to endo and scar tissue. First thing when I get out of bed I feel like a very old lady, stiff and achey all over, especially low back and in the hip/groin area. However being menopausal its a double whammy! They think it is now just adhesions and nerve pain + Diverculitis Disease mainly causing my problems now I am menopausal, who knows. Tiredness is another issue. I find I slightly loosen up as the day progresses and walking a bit helps but I am really stiff and achey most of the time. I have to hold on to something to pull myself up, I am 53 going on 90!

  • Hi, I have experienced these symptoms for a while now. My GP has done bloods and found me to be slightly vitamin D deficient, but not enough to cause so much pain and tiredness apparently. She said I'm getting old and should accept it (I'm 41!). I'm looking at other causes now.Sometimes its like being stuck between a rock and hard place. The GP puts everything down to endo, but the gynaecologist says its not and I must go back to my GP and ask them to investigate further, but they refuse. Its so confusing and frightening sometimes. Its comforting to know that other people are getting these symptoms, but I'm sorry we have to go through this.

  • Thanks for all your usefull comments and very reassuring good luck everyone in getting sorted x

  • hi,

    Extreme tiredness is a symptom of endo . I am trying vitamin c and vitamins supplements they seem to help me a bit with my tiredness ...

    Take care xxx

  • Are you on any hormone treatment at the moment? My GP told me that the pill can cause achy joints as it fools your body into thinking it's pregnant and when you're pregnant your joint get more stretchy which can cause pain (I have this quite badly because of another condition I have) hope this helps x

  • Hi Im on progestrogen norethisterone 3 times a day and have no periods so puts me in pregnancy state, and have taken them for a lot of years with short breaks once a year , I asked my gp about it and aching but he sid it wont cause that? im off to gynae on 21stNov so I will ask them ? thanks x

  • Just wanted to say what a relief it is to see other people have same symptoms as me. My endo has always been bad pain wise but since June have been constantly sore, bleeding and exhausted. The simplest tasks like carting shopping in, doing laundry or going for a walk sbsolutely wipe me out. I am 30 years old and currently signed off work for 1 month because of exhaustion and pains. Had prostap injection two days ago, it is the three monthly one. Keeping my fingers crossed that it helps. Am also taking vitamins and trying to get out for a walk when I can. My knees are agonisingly sore like burning and aching and my back is constantly sore. I really thought I was going mad until I saw this blog. Good luck everyone.

  • Hello, I suffer from unbelievable fatigue that stays for most days out of the month. I try and keep tasks etc to a minmal and be as realistic as possible in terms of activities. It's no mean feat experiencing the tired feeling that comes with endo.

    I found that the menopause injections helps my fatigue. Lately I started taking vitamins too.

    Hugs to everyone suffering xx

  • o my word... wow.. i fit in with you all.. altho i kicked the ex out two yrs ago for cheating on me and having to face a lot of dodoo's inc reposession with my daughters i had been of sick since nov and returned to work in july with stress chronic fatigue n depression,, but prior to all this i had the endo ablation no periods for past few yrs lush..but having problems with my periods many moons ago . trying diff pills no good, zoladex inj helped got fat craving milky bars. but two lovely daughters later all aok. but then problems arose when my appendix flaried up causing periods every 3 wks :( tried the coil no good ended up endo ablation ideal but along the line issues with the ex now my periods are coming back scanty bleeding but severe crampy pains n back aches are unbearable.. my gp queries my endo is back again since getting reposessed im now getting on but seem very tired still n drained n have no energy for daily life.. i have ahappy lite as my girls call it, which is lovely and warming, thsi helps a little,, but to be in bed before my girls and no party life is no good esp as ive just turned 40 i feel like an old lady... but it is reassuring that others seem to feel the same way.... if any of you are on facebook or on here and want to chat contact me im happy to have pals xxx

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