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Lap in 2 days :-S

Ok, here goes..

I am a 24 yo that has had endometriosis since the age of 13. I have tried the pill. Injections, tablets to stop my periods, countless pain meds and none of this helped at all! So 5 year ago I had a diagnostic lap to confirm my suspicions of endometriosis and have a coil fitted. After the coll fitting and a diagnosis I felt a lot better but as you can all imagine, the pain started to come back. I kept going back to my gynae, but she would only put my pain med dosage up and blame Ibs! After a couple of years I stopped going back but the pain got so bad I asked my gp to refer me to another gynae. I went to see them the other week and I'm having my second lap on Monday to have what they can lasered off. A dye test and my Mirena replaced and I'm nervous!!

I don't really know what I want from writing this. I think just reaching out to people who are in the same situation!!


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Trinket good luck for Monday, hope everything goes well. And that's what's nice about having a forum like this, is that you can reach out to us...


Good luck from me too. Had it been there - got the T shirt! It's a journey that's for sure!

PS Don't let them fob you off with the IBS thing. A Gyne who I questioned at a meeting for endometriosis who specialises in complex endo and adhesions said at the beginning of the meeting I quote "Before we go any further I would like to say that I do not believe IBS actually exists!

I think it is a lazy diagnosis used far too often by Gp's in what is in most cases a gyne problem"!

Wow, that brought the room to a shocked silence. Often you hear women who have had

such things such as endo say for years they were told it was IBS and they suffered unnecessarily all that time until they had exploratory op such as a laparoscopy or hysteroscopy then the truth emerged. It happened to me. The average time it takes to diagnose endo is 7 to 10 years that is shocking! Of course there are exceptions. I did years later find out I had Diverculitis Disease too which can mimic IBS but I definitely conclusively have or had substantial endometriosis and filmy adhesions tethering other organs together - I knew something was hurting. Wierdly after lap they removed lots and unstuck my fallopian tube stump (removed) from ovary and also stuck the other side and my pain vanished in days - I had my life back. I have had the pain return which when I spoke to the specialist Gyne about in the meeting as to why that should happen and he claimed that was likely to be because the surgeon doing the lap must have left small deposits, he said you have to get it all out. Trouble is it can get in the pouch of douglas and that is difficult to get to by gyne's not top of their game. Anyway, good luck, lap should be fine, minute little scars I had about 3 one inch incisions - doesn't even show now when I wear a bikini. All the best.


I hope it went OK for you yesterday, you will have to let us know what the doctor said to you.

I remember finding out I had Endometrosis it was the most scary thing in my life. I had just woken up after having an ovarian cyst removed and my dad and the most wonderful boyfriend ever just staring at him in complete shock and me laughing at him while I was still tired from the anaesthetic and being high on morphine.

I hope it gets easier for you.


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