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Medical Treatment VS Lap

My case is diagnostics with endometriosis two years ago, I had two cyst with size 4/4 in right side and 7/5 in left side, the first Doctor I've visited has recommended to me a lap direct I have not preferred that by all means so I've visited an other one who had recommended to me Decapetpty three dose, I've gone through that three months latter I had had the 2 cyst with little size 3/2 for the right and 4/3 for the left, I feel comfortable my period with no pain.

After one year and half I start feeling a pain in my left side, after diagnostics it's endo back with a bigger size even then before, 9/4, but that's happen for left side but right one still with same dimension. I have revisted my Dr he recommend to repeat the Decapeptyl dose, I was not sure that's going work so I have visited a new one who affirm that lap is the best solution for me.

I don't want to do the lap I am scare from the side effects for it, I am 27 years not married but one day I wish to be a Mom without going in the infinite loop of doctors who may be said after lap, you would not be able to get pregnant normally you should need helps for that. What do you think?

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Hi if the cysts are left in they will continue to grow and could cause permanent damage to your ovaries causing infertility. I really think having the surgery to remove them and the endometriosis would be the best solution, especially if you want children. I know its scary but it's honestly not as bad as you might think.


A laporscopy and excision of endo is the gold standard of treatment, and I would suggest you think about this, your best bet for your future and conceiving would be to remove all your endo, hormonal treatments are generally temporary and dosnt stop the endo after treatment,



A lap is a straightforward surgery and should if anything help your fertility - if they get rid of Endo it's a good thing.

Unless they've said they might need to remover the ovaries? If you leave things without doing anything you could have issues with conception anyway. And cysts during pregnancy aren't fun. Why have they said you might not be able to get pregnant after??


Not that what said exactly, what's said exactly is that you may be after surgery not be able to get pregnant in a normal way if we had adhesions, he is not sure that this going to happen but he told to count that into risks.

Thanks a lot.


You can have adhesions from endometrial implants growing where they shouldn't. The Endo tissue grows every month in the abdomen when stimulated by oestrogen, when progesterone is dominant in the second half of the menstrual cycle it breaks down causing adhesions/scar tissue to form, then the cycle repeats.

These adhesions will already be inside you and if severe or in a difficult location it may be tricky or impossible for your doctor to remove them. Hence you might need ivf, but that stands whether you have the surgery or not - if they are there they are there right now at this moment, the surgery will be trying to remove them to improve your fertility.

Here is a link explaining the stages of endometriosis (mild to severe) and diagrams to show you what the doctor means by adhesions - they are like spider webs binding parts of your anatomy together. If they bind a Fallopian tube in an abnormal position it can prevent you getting pregnant.


It is possible to have scar tissue/adhesions from your operation but this is minimal by comparison to the scar tissue created by Endo disease. It only really becomes an issue with women who've had 4-10 surgeries. So I wouldn't worry about the surgery causing any damage its going to be correcting it.

Good luck with the op xx


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