2 months following laparoscopy and symptoms return

I had my laparoscopy which included diathermy to remove the endometriosis on new years eve this year. I have just had my third period since the lap, (the first two were almost pain-free for me) and it was horrendous. All the pain I had just before the lap came flooding back and a combination of all my painkillers (including morphine and tramadol) wouldn't even touch it. I'm not due to see my consultant until April but wondered if any of you had experienced this so soon after the lap? Thanks!

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  • If you were not put on any drugs to supress the regrowth of endo after the lap, then yes it will regrow, and the adhesions will grow too. It varies in each of us how long a break we get before the symptoms return.

    Are you trying to conceive, or is there some other reason you didn't go on meds to stop your periods after the surgery?

  • If all endo is removed by excision from the root and the woman is after her 30s, the chances to have endo again are exactly the same with a woman that is perfectly healthy in gynaecological issues. This is what 2 endo gynae surgeons told me on different occasions. This statistic can easily change if a woman starts IVF etc though, as they pump her with oestrogen that is what endo likes!!! So it wont regrow in all cases especially if excision is properly done and the surgeon can remove all endo.

    The sad thing though is that neurological pains (if nerves were irritated/ damaged during lap and removal of endo) can continue for a very long time. Or there is also the adhesions pain too.

    I wouldnt worry so soon though, I had a very painfree first period after my lap and then 2 that were the worst ever and then all the rest are just fine. Just give it a but of time.

  • I had the same problems as you, lap in oct to remove my endo and fit a coil, and after 3 months all my pain returned, as the time went obit get progressively worse than web before my lap! U went bak to my gyne after 5 months and he has put me on the prostap injections I only started these yesterday so have not seen any improvement as of yet but and crossing my fingers and toes that this will help me. I would wait until your next appointment and speak to your doc if no improvement.

    I hope this has answered your question?! And I've not just babbled on, good luck hope you feel better soon!!!! Xxx

  • Sorry for all the spelling mistakes and confusing grammar!!! I hope you can work it out xx

  • Hey, thankyou for all your responses. I knew without the drugs it would return, my consultant planned to put me on them in April. I didn't expect it to return so quickly. I'm so confused. I'm 20 and I've always wanted children, I know I'm young, I hadn't planned for it yet! This endo thing has scared me senseless and my partner and I decided we would try next year . I understand the pathology of endo and the drugs cause I'm a student pharmacist. It just doesn't make it any less scary and everything is telling me to start trying now partly out of fear it will become too late, and partly just to free myself of the pain. :( sorry to moan! Thankyou I really appreciate all your responses.

  • Please don't get at me for wanting a baby young (some do) my partner is a pharmacist and we have the means to support ourselves. We have also been together a long time, this isn't your average run of the mill boyfriend! Just to clarify cause some people get huffy with young girls wanting to be mums. I'm a sensible person :) thanks

  • Hi, I just wanted to offer you some support/understanding with the being young and wanting children issue, I'm 25 and have the same thing where people dismiss or don't understand my fears about endo and concieving or my desire to have children in the first place (even when I say in the next few years, although truthfully I wish I could try now.) It's a hard thing when people can't hear your worry for their bias or concerns about age and what it means to them. I wish you all the best with when you try to conceive and hope your pain lessens soon.

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