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Follow up appointment after lap 7 months ago and stopping gnrh treatment 2 months ago

Finally today I get some answers wish me luck !! , still no bleed after 2 months of stopping the gnrh , last time I spoke to my consultant in passing at the nurses clinic was that if I don't bleed then I need a calcium deficiency test and bone dencity test - however I actually am a little worried about starting my cycles again as 4 cycles a year hurt - infact every monthly is torture, I'm at a young age and my consultant isn't happy with messing with my insides in regards to productive organs - its my body how does he know what's best for me , I know a hystorectomi isn't the solid answer as sadly my endo isn't text book and its more on my bladder area so major surgery won't cure it in my case sadly , however I've never felt so good since being on gnrh and my periods stopping my weights been controlled and I'm loosing a little every month , my ibs hasn't been anywhere near as bad and the best part gor me NO PAIN , I dred going back on the pill as I know the endo has started again due to the burning pain in the top of my leg is rather painful at the moment - which only happend as soon as the gnrh was stopped

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How did it go?

Do you want children? If not, I had endometrial ablation done and it was a godsend. Not an option if you want children though. Have you tried the Mirena coil? Some women get good results with it....

Hope you got some answers!



Well it went ... not well at all, my consultant is now off on long term sick and I've been told I have to wait for my questions to be answered and the discussion re after the lap etc till oct as he may be back then , the consultant I saw was more interested in seeing the elderly patients with bladder issues than her gyni patients and basicly treating me like I wasn't old enough to understand so a formal complaint has been made to the hospital , I've been given nothing in form of further treatment so I'm now left in limbo and more confused about the situation than I was in january


I'm considering taking GNRH to shrink my fibroids before an operation. I'm really worried about the side effects and wondering if the benefits of less blood loss and key hole not open surgery out weigh the side effects and long term effects.


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