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Stomach Pains

Hi Ladies, I'm wondering if anyone out there who is diagnosed with endo suffers from pains in their stomach? I was diagnosed last December via laparoscopy having suffered very painful periods since they began.

Just before my lapo I developed excrutiating pains in my stomach (quite high up, definitely not my pelvis). Since my lapo these are now the main cause of my pain, the usual "period pain" having been much improved.

I'm at the end of my tether with this as it's just SO painful, normal painkillers don't affect it, only Buscopan and my GP is adamant it can't be relayed. I am convined it is as I only get these pains during my period! Anyone else have- or know of anyone that has- the same symptoms??

Look forward to hearing from you,

AlexC x

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If it's in your stomach, normal painkillers could be making it worse. I managed to get gastritis because of all the NSAIDs I was taking for my endometriosis. It was miserable having digestive problems on top of everything else, and I'm sorry to hear that you are in so much pain.

Quite a few women have gastroenterlogical problems - such as sensitivity to particulr foods - as well as endometriosis, so it might be worth getting this checked - especially if you are having a lot of other symptoms (vomiting or diarrhea). I'd also ask your gynacologist as well as the GP.

Good luck. and I hope you get better soon


Hi Alex I get tummy pain with my endo as I have grade 3 and its on my bowel. If your drs are not helping to much it might be worth an ask about being referred to apain clinic? I do echo what aquitaine says about nsaids if you are on them, but as the pain is related to your cycle it sounds endo related. I hope it eases off soon :o


Hi Alex

I also experienced severe stomach pains and for me the NSAIDs defo make it worse. I've also had loads of sickness taking both ibroprofen and menfanamic acid (helpful since these are both supposed to help pain relief). I had ibs in the past and time of the month defo made the pain much worse. I was so fed up that I've totally overhauled my diet and (touch wood) don't get pain nearly as much now. Good luck and hope everything works out x


Hi Ladies, thanks so much for the replies. It's sounds awful to say it but it's a relief to know I'm not alone. Sometimes when the pain is bad I think I'm going crazy! It feels like such a kick after having terrible period pains too. I do take Buscopan though and that works bot not completely and quite slowly.

I don't take NSAIDS just paracetamol and only rarely.

My GP referred me for an ultrasound but not when it was the time of the month. Am considering asking if I canto for another but when it's actually happening. Am

Trying to eat better too.

Thanks again for taking the time to send your advice x


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