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Random stomach pains


I’m lying in bed in agony. It’s not my period or anything just a random crampy period feeling in my lower stomach. And pain in my hips

Sometimes I just wanna cry with all this pain and bloating etc 😫😫

Any advice on what it is?

Sorry I’ve been complaining a lot recently 😔

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If the pain is constant, it could be that a cyst has burst. If that's it is should go down in the next few hours but feel tender for a few days.

You don't say if you're getting treatment for endometriosis, so it's hard to judge if it could just be the endometriosis playing up.

princessk09 in reply to NW248

I’m still waiting for a lap xx

Hi, sorry to hear that you're in so much pain. Could it be that you're ovulating? I used to get terrible pain mid-cycle (I've now got a mirena fitted and take back to back Cerazette so don't have a cycle). I thought I was dying sometimes it was so bad. When I marked all my symptoms on a calendar, the mid-cycle pain would be the worst at ovulation.

I hope you can get some answers and help with the pain.

princessk09 in reply to Cola71

My mid cycle is next week but yesterday and today I have a cramp feeling like I’m about to start a period. Plus random sharp pains in my right ovary.

So idk if ovulation has come early or something xx

Cola71 in reply to princessk09

It could have come early, or like NW248 has said, it could be a cyst. But some people with endo have pain throughout the month sadly. Definitely write down dates and what's been happening - from experience it's always good to have everything on record for appointments. I hope you get your lap soon. Xx

Adelind in reply to Cola71

Hi! You are taking Charozette AND have mirena coil? O_O That is a lot of progesterone. Do you have any spotting at all? I was on Charozette for 6 month but was having 20 days of spotting every 40 days or so. Now they gave me Mycroginon 30 to take back to back but I'm having a full scale period right now in the middle of my second pack :(

Cola71 in reply to Adelind

Sorry to hear that you're still having periods despite the medication. Yes, I had the mirena fitted during my 2nd lap (I'd had 6 months of zoladex before the op) - it worked for about 18 months then my symptoms started to gradually return. I started taking back to back Cerazette as well and so far,for just over a year, it's worked. I don't have much spotting at all, but everyone seems to react differently to different medication.

Are you seeing a general gynae or a endo specialist on the BSGE list?

It sounds like they are doing a lap as a first step rather than an MRI. Much better to do an MRI as it is less invasive, therefore much better for you, can find bits a lap doesn't, therefore better for you, and costs a lot less to do, which is better for the NHS.

princessk09 in reply to NW248

I honestly don’t know if this new gynae is an endo specialist until tomorrow when I see him. I’ve tried googling him but nothing comes up except he mainly specialises in sub fertility (idk what that is)

He might suggest a MRI but I don’t know xx

You can look him up on the list below the map. bsge.org.uk/centre/

If he's not on there, he isn't a specialist.

Ask about an MRI, if he doesn't know that an MRI can show endo then you need to be seeing someone else.

princessk09 in reply to NW248

The hospital I’m going too isn’t showing up on the map.

I’m like extra nervous now as I need an endo specialist to do the lap as well

Just insist that you want to see an endo specialist. But your gynae might refer you for an MRI and then to a specialist which would be OK.

princessk09 in reply to NW248

Yeah I’ll just have wait and see xx

cmbxm in reply to princessk09

Careful with demanding an endo specialist at somewhere that isn’t an bsge centre, I had an “endo specialist” that was actually a complete fraud x

princessk09 in reply to cmbxm

Yeah it’s so hard x

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