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Hi Ladies, has anyone tried Mefenamic for their period pains? Do they work?


hi all I'm waiting to see the Gyno about my Endo soon but until then, i have been given Mefenamic to use for the period pains, I'm so scared of coming on my period each month as its so painful, has anyone used these? x x

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Hi I havent used it for endo pain, but it is in the family of anti-inflammatory drugs like diclofenac and ibuprofen.

Make sure you take it during or straight after your meal though, cause it can cause stomach problems.

Hope it works for you

Jo x

I was on these as a teenager and did not help one bit I had to take cocodomol as well, the doctor was surprised the mefenamic acid not working for me. That was 13 years ago! A couple of years ago when was 27 I was told to take them again but continuousely from 3 days before my expected period and though my period. For me, did not work at all :( Still just as bad pain. The only drugs that worked for me was a combo of paracetamol, diclofenac and codeine but the codeine made me feel very sick so was on Tramadol instead of codeine, or took paramol and diclofenac instead. When mefenamic acid not work the doctor gave me tranexamic acid to try which is supposed to reduce heavy bleeding which was pointless to give me as I did not bleed heavily anyway in the first place and the pain actually was there much more when my blood flow was less! Good luck with the mefenamic but would perhaps buy some paramol from over the counter just in case. xx

georgie98x in reply to Zolta

I have just been put on mefenamic id and it isisn't working at all, I am still doubled over in pain, what would you recommend?

I have been prescribed these - my GP suspects endo and has referred me onto a consultant. They can work (or take the edge off) but I find that you have to take them regularly during your period (3x a day for several days) and they take a very long time to kick in. I take paracetamol with them as I am not usually completely pain-free. Whether they work better than ibuprofen or naproxen I don't know. As jojo said, you must take them with or after food (to prevent stomach uclers, as with other anti-inflammatories) and you shouldn't take other anti-inflammatories with them. I understand how you feel, I dread my period and feel like I'm just waiting for the pain to start. I hope they work for you.


Thanks Ladies

Well I was put on some sort of acid pills last year to stop the pains before I knew about the endo but they never did anything, I have a feeling these are the same tablets but I won't know till I buy them :(

I'm at a new doctors and she couldn't see reports of what I was on before but I swear its these and if it is I know there no good but we got to give it a go haven't we :( Fingers Crossed.

I had mefenamic acid for a bit (I'm now on Naproxen) and I found it helped and almost allowed me to carry on with normal everyday activities, the Mr and me were in St. Ives on holiday at the time, but it seemed to stop being as effective over time and I was switched to Naproxen.

Hope this helps.

Love and hugs,


Thanks hun, yes will see how it goes i suppose.

When you say to people, I have really bad period pains they don't seem to understand how bad it really is lol so I hope this works :)


I'm on these at the moment, similiar to other people I find you have to take them 3 times a day with paracetamol to be pain free - and this doesn't work all days!

For those of you on naproxen, do you find this works better?

I am really glad you posted this thread and a very interesting read it i s too for me, as my 17 year old daughter has started this medication this week. She must be ill, she is getting up extra early to eat so she can take her tabs. Poor thing, she is still 'my baby' and I couldnt go with her as she wanted me to. Have got her to check on other symptoms and will send her a link to this thread.

It's important you start taking them a few days before your period is due to get the proper benefit of these. Like others said try to take them after food, although I explained to the doctor that when in pain the last thing you feel like doing is eating and was prescribed tablets that settle my stomach and stop any discomfort you can get taking these on empty stomach (although not everyone requires these). Take them prior to your period and regularly and they should help. Hope they do for you. x

Hi, I take mefenanmic acid too, I was prescribed it to help reduce the heavy period and pain. I couldnt leave the house if I didn't have these! They have helped me a lot, if taken early enough (before my period kicks in) I don't have the extremeley scarey heavy bleeding as without them. I also take other painkillers such as nuromol which is brill too.

I used to take these, they really helped with the pain and definitely decreased the bleeding. Unfortunately I have bad stomach problems and now cannot take any NSAIDs at all - even if I take omeprazole all the time. Ended up taking very strong painkillers - dihydrocodeine with paracetamol & sometimes even oxycodone. Luckily I had a laparoscopy a week ago so am really hoping the endo pain won't come back and that the pain I have at the moment is just from the operation cos they removed lots of adhesions. Good luck! xxx

brand name Ponstan forte (i.e. mefenamic acid highest strength 500mg) as been a lifesaver for me since i was in my early 20s when my period pains went ballistic... i am now 58 and needed to use mefenamic until my early menopause in my early 40s. my period pain was the writhing in agony cramps with vomiting/diarrhea/low fever etc so bad all i could do was lie down and tough it out. and yes of course the build up to all that trouble began several days before the actual discharge began (possibly lucky for me: i am a DES daughter with internal reproductive organ birth defects (small misshaped womb & vagina) so there never was much to come out and what did was only briefly red before becoming chocolate ugh) so my periods only lasted a few days)

so, when my gp gave me mefenamic 500mg way back i was totally thilled to discover it really really really helped take the edge of the whole period horror show, but yes i did have to make sure i took my first tablet THE MINUTE i sensed my periods were coming on.....and i was very irregular. the longer i took to swallow the first pill (i.e. the more chance my period probs had to get going) the less mefenamic could do to help take the edge off it all. and yes i took 3 tabs a day until the probs settled.

and one month i discovered that mefenamic would actually stop my life-long recurring migraines in their track too, if taken at very first early signs of an attack coming on: another life saver

and in recent years i have also been delighted to discover that mefenamic ALSO helps take the edge of the pain of what i call my RAGING UTIs (the pain/diarrhea etc i get from them is as violent as my period pain was....and my UTIs come on super fast too)

so now at 59 i still take mefenamic acid for UTIs (along with high strength antibiotics) and at the early signs of migraine coming on

but i totally agree with those who have warned about stomach/upper GI probs: due to my life-long systemic lupus, i have chronic upper GI probs. and i suspect mefenamic may have aggravated my upper GI stuff: because my SLE wasn't recognised till last year, so in the '90s my GP negligently let me continue to take mefenamic for period pain/migraine, but didn't tell me to stop mefenamic when he & my pain consultant also put me on Rx pain killers & NSAIDs for chronic spine pain....this was when i was still having periods, so of course i needed the mefenamic and was taking 2 types of NSAID at the same time..... oh boy did my gp get in trouble when this was discovered during a stay in hospital for an operation. anyway, the NSAIDs for my spine pain were useless: no other NSAID than mefenamic has actually worked for me at all. and i make sure i only take mefenamic with something in my stomach (even if only 2 mcvitties diggers & a cup of tea!) i do consider mefenamic a TOP Rx for me! but we are all individuals and something that works great for one may not help another at all...

good luck & take care

Hi Everyone

I was given Mefenamic last week by my doctor. I had a lap 3 weeks ago and had read that your first period after a lap can be very painful so I went to the doctors in preparation. I did take them 3 days before my period was due and I was surprised that they didn't even stop the slight cramps I was getting at that stage. Early hours of Saturday my pain was unbearable so took the pills and they did nothing. I went to boots and spoke to the pharmacist and asked for the strongest pain killers he had and he gave me Boots own brand Ibuprofen and Codeine (combined) 200mg and said I could also top up with Paracetamol 500mg. I don't know how I would've coped with the pain if these hadn't worked. They were quick too which was needed when you've been awake since 4am trying to focus on getting through the pain. I feel human again now. Hope this helps if any of you need pain relief fast. Xx

Hiya, please read this click from the endometriosis.org website. Mefernamic acid is a Nsaid and has to be used correctly to work. They are a pain blocker and NOT a pain killer. I hope this is some help to you. They didnt help me.

Theoretically, NSAIDs would seem to be a good choice for relieving menstrual pain because most of them work by blocking the production of all prostaglandins. The result is less pain, swelling, and inflammation. However, since NSAIDs work by stopping the production of the pain-causing prostaglandins, they must be taken before any of these chemicals are produced. In other words, you must start taking NSAIDs at least 24 hours before you expect to experience pain. If you delay taking them until after you feel pain, the medication cannot block the pain-producing chemicals that have already been released, so they will not alleviate pain.

If you are using NSAIDs for ovulation pain or menstrual pain, it is recommended that you start taking them as directed at least 24 hours before you expect to ovulate or 24 hours before you expect to start bleeding. If you have an unpredictable menstrual cycle, you may want to take them for a week or more before you expect menstruation to begin. To be effective, it is important to take NSAIDs regularly every six hours so that no pain-producing chemicals are produced during ovulation or menstruation. Another advantage of taking certain NSAIDs is that they decrease the amount of menstrual bleeding (1, 2).

ladybird7 in reply to foosey

So... what are painkillers and what are pain blockers? I thought they were the same. I can't take nsaids anyway due to GI problems, even lots of omeprazole doesn't help... but very interested in your explanation. fyi I take dihydrocodeine & oxycodone.

foosey in reply to ladybird7

I found it interesting too - I wish I could take codine but alas it upsets my tummy. I am on tramadol, diclofennac, ibroprofen and paracetal but none work when I get the endo pain. I wonder if a man had this problem if it would be taken more seriously? x

Wow ladies

So amazing to hear all your stories, were not alone here :)

I haven't came on my period yet to know if they work but I will update you, I get so nervous about my periods because there so painful, I just really want the week to be over when it comes so if this can help with the pain...Thank god!!!

Work are getting fed up of my having time off but they just don't understand how much pain I'm in, spec if I say its period, you get that snotty nose look of 'oh just get on with it' but they have no idea have crippling it can be.

Another thing ladies if you haven't yet signed this, do it :D

Also post it away as much as possible, we need to do all we can to get our endo taken seriously by government bodies!


Much Love x x

ladybird7 in reply to MsBella

I guess I can't use obsenities here to describe your work colleagues! Poor you - have you seen the "Survivors letter" for endo ladies - you could show them a copy of that, they might understand then.

Lotus2660 in reply to MsBella

I completely agree with you, I get crippling leg weakness when my period finishes, which the doctors suspects it to be endo or very bad period pains – either way I’ve never had this leg weakness before which was why I went to the doctors about it.

I explained to work about the probs I get taking the stairs as I have to use my leg muscles – which is near enough impossible without being in pain – and I was told to “use the lift” – but the weakness and pain even happens when I do nothing!

The thing is, work penalises us heavily for exceeding the number of days off sick – I had a tendon release operation last year and it was classed as sickness! I spent two weeks off recovering and when I came back I had a disciplinary for exceeding the number of days I had off sick! To me that didn’t seem fair!

That’s why now I’m in every day of the week – I dread to think what’d happen now if I was off ill with suspected endo. I don’t think my work would understand at all.

Oh god, ladies, not filling me with hope about getting my first period after my lap 10 days ago! Can't take mefenamic or any NSAID (as said above) so rely on dihydrocodeine and oxycodone!

I take mefenamic acid tablets but it's easy for me to time it right as I take norethisterone constantly for 4 months at a time as the normal strength pop pill just makes me bleed more not less :/

I cannot bleed until I stop taking the norethisterone so I start taking the mefenamic acid 3 days before stopping. It does make a massive difference to the pain and bleeding. My GP told me the other day there's only two things mefenamic acid work for.....endo/gynea problems and sore bollocks, I cracked up laughing and so did he, I do love my GP he's like my mate. Thought you girls might find it funny too lol xxx

ladybird7 in reply to missteal


i have been using mefenamic acid for some few weeks now, and it works great! but i think it increases my appetite.

Hi Ladies

Happy New Year.

Hope you are all doing well and coping (somehow) with or Endo :-(

I haven't replied for a while due to hectic Christmas etc and I also wanted to give the Mefenamic Acid tablets a chance.

In all honesty I don't feel they have been working well for me at all, I still feel awful pains with them and feel they don't block out anything, I have given them enough chance now as you know what the doctors are like they only prescribe them again, say to give them a chance or give me something similar but it's been four months and ~I still don't feel progress.

I have also started getting endo pains on my left ovary which is worrying as before it was only my right side, lets see.

Anyway my verdict is Mefenamic tablets just aren't good enough for Endo pains at all!!!

Much Love to you all xxx

I find they work better the less frequently I take them (ironic as that is). I used to take them almost daily, but now only once or twice a month and then only if I'm staying at home all day as they really knock me out. They don't take the pain away, but do take the edge off contractions and usually send me to sleep (which is the main reason I take them). I mainly use yoga and massages for pain these days (as well as strict diet). Hope you find something that works for you.

I am on them now as I have extremely bad period pains, I still have to take them with paracetamol as I find that they don't work on their own, I found that naproxen work very well and you can take paracetamol for when they start to wear off

I use ponstan forte for my cramps as well and I have the kind of cramps that make you want to climb a wall the pain is so intense, they reduce the pain greatly so that I'm able to carry on with my daily activities the only negative thing I've noticed is that they sometimes give me acidity, so I take a pill after a meal never on an empty stomach. I should also mention that I have a five year hormonal implant which helps reduce the pain a lot but I need the mefanamic acid on the first day of my periods as the pain is still significant

Yes, i have used mefenamic acid for my period pains and it works wonders as soon as it kicks in i feel no pain for the rest of the day, i also use cyclizine for my naeusa as well which helps but the down side to it, is that it makes you very drowsy.

Hope this helps

Yes i got put on it and you need to ideally start to take it before you start your period as it takes a while to work. It doesn’t get rid of it completely but reduces it a lot. But i got told to try the pill again and im taking a mini pill cakled cerelle and its stopped my periods ( and the pain) almost completely. Still getting other weird symptoms but I would recommend the pill if you haven’t tried it. X

Hi there,

Yes i have taken these in the past and they helped a great deal. My Doctor described them as a stronger type of Ibuprofen so it did reduce some of the inflammation and pain but i do remember you have to take them quite regularly.

Best of luck


Had it again his month, after years of naproxen, trying it again so following your post see what happens

Hi my consultant gave me transemic acid tablets they are brill i use to be confined to bed the first day of my period now i can function normal with these

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