Terrible stomach pains and upset stomach at 2am!

I wondered if anyone else experiences random stomach upsets during the night with cramps? Last night I was up going to the loo from 2 am till about 5. I'm just under a week from my period so not sure if it's related to my period or a bug? I didn't have a temp either but felt horrendous. I do have extensive bowel endo. Any opinions or other people's stories would be greatly appreciated!

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I do, god it's horrible. I get sweats/shivers intense gas pains feel sick to my stomach until doing dm then it takes about 30mins to feel okish after that. I have stage 4 endo on the bowels as well, I'm waiting for a colonoscopy. I also have surgery tomorrow to see what's going on.

Thanks for your reply! It is awful isn't it! I can't stand it when it's during the night as it makes you feel crap for the whole day after! I get the shivers and gas pains too, the nausea can be horrendous too! Sometimes I get worried that there is something else wrong with me and not just endo. I've also been having headaches when I wake up the past few days, do you get the headaches also? Best of luck for your op tomorrow!

Thank you.

I rarely get headaches as I take paracetamol every night. My GP keeps telling me it's IBS but I don't think so as every 2nd day of a period I always get blood in my stools too. Do your flair ups happen with roughly the same food? My last two horrible nights happened when I ate apple pie and the other happened when I ate a pizza, so I don't know if it triggered due to food.

I'm no expert but have done a tonne of research on endo and if you have endo on the bowel then it's likely that you may experience blood in your stool so I would say that's probably endo related not IBS. I definitely have some foods tha really disagree with me, I've had to cut out dairy, wheat and gluten completely as I found that they were really bothering my stomach. Pizza is the absolute worse for me! My stomach can randomly flip with anything on my period though, I may be fine with something one time and then not okay the next time I eat it. Have you tried cutting out wheat and gluten and see if that helps a bit? If I do eat wheat or dairy for a treat I will definitely pay for it! For a while I couldn't eat a roast dinner either as it would go straight through me.

I actually started gluten free diet two weeks back and I found my bloat and heartburn calmed down a lot also started laxido at the same time as I rarely bm more than once a week, but my GP told me to stop going gluten free for 6 weeks as she's booked me for a celiac disease blood test in June to rule that out as well.

Ah I see! Best to check really! How did your surgery go today? Hope your okay!!

Well the bleeding and pains isn't endo related for me. My stage 4 endo removal I had years ago went so well that I only had patch of endo behind the left side of the uterus. So now I'm awaiting for a colonoscopy. I'm happy about it but same time disappointed.

That's good news about there not being much more to remove however I understand why your in two minds. hopefully the colonoscopy will give you more answers!You could maybe have endo damage on the inside of your bowel that they aren't able to see on laparoscopy. It seems strange tha they don't think it's endo related.

He didn't really talk about anything to me, and showed me pictures of everything that I've never had endo on before. All my endo was kidneys, bowels and poD not the ovaries or the uterus or anything like that. I asked the nurse did he check the kidneys she says no, though he told me he would check everything. I feel kinda shite tbh. I'll give it a few months then maybe go back to a general gyno again. I was under the BSGE team but my surgeon "who was BSGE" didn't do my op.

I'm not surprised your not happy! I would feel the same if I'm honest! Yes definitelygo back and ask the questions you need to! You deserve to know what's going on with YOUR body!! So sorry to hear your feeling crap! I'd advise today that persist with them until you find out what's going on x

Hey, I have something along these lines, it's awful. I think it's triggered by the vagus nerve stimulation?

Mine usually starts at 4-6am, get up to go the loo. Then the immense pains start and it turns into bad D... sorry TMI!! My ears go muffled like I'm under water and my eyes go speckled, like white noise.

The odd time I'll throw up at the same time.

At that point I am boiling hot yet freezing cold, I'm drenched and usually have to strip off to try and cool down. But then I'm also shivering like crazy. I'm also struggling to keep myself up, almost fainting, and have fainted sometimes.

It tends to last 30min - 2hrs. Aftwards I am completely drained, drag myself back to bed.

I think it may be set off by food, since I've cut yeast out it doesn't happen as much. But saying that, I kept a mySymptoms food diary for almost a year and found no real link between food and these attacks. Yeast does make me unwell though.

It's a scary thought as it's out of the blue, I'd hate to be in that situation if I was out an about. It has happened during the day once or twice.

I've had several Drs say that doesn't sound like IBS at all, and others just shrug it off. Either way they don't do anything. Google IBS and vagus nerve. It was something similar to this happening during school time that got me on the pill 13 yrs ago too as well as regular period pain.

Poor you that sounds awful! I do get the sweats too and my attacks can be very random also! It actually seems like we know more than the doctors do about this condition most of the time! Thanks for that I will look up vagus nerve!

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