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Stomach and intestine pain

I have suffered with Endometriosis for well over 10 years. only in Recent Months have i started to chronic pains in my stomach and instestine area. The pain will last the lengh of my period and will not stop with any kind of pain killer. It is constant, I get completely bloated and look Pregnant which is embarressing as get asked when i am due and offered seats on the Train. it makes it hard to walk and get on with day to day life although you have to dispite the pain. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this and what can be done to help

thank you


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Hi Mazzda, i'm experiencing the same thing myself currently except mine start about 2 weeks before my period and gradually get worse the closer it gets to my period. And a lot of women have said they experience the same thing. I'd book in to see your consultant or a consultant to talk about your symptoms and maybe try the endo diet ive not long started this myself and it's definitely help ease the symptoms.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your reply. I do have an appointment but its still a few weeks away yet Annoyingly. Just unbearable looking fo a way to soothe it when it happens as know the consultant will say another laporoscopy is needed. oh well the life of endo ay x


Unfortunately yes! Peppermint oil can also help taking it with your meals :)


oh really thank you i will try that. I always drink fresh mint tea seems to soothr till i move then hurts again


Eating very small meals seems to help, and drinking huge amounts of water to try and help with the inflammation. Also, lying down as much as possible. Which, of course, is not that helpful when you are working, but if you can lie down when you are at home, it might help ease the pressure. I mentioned it all to my gyno, who is an endo, specialist and he said it was just part of the disease. 


i hate it when they say its all part of it, feels like they are saying stop moaning and deal with it lol (although they aren't) thank you i will have to try that but like you say its difficault, i wish i could just take a week off each month but we all know thats not possible. thank you again x


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