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Symptoms abnormal for my endo, or could I be pregnant?!

I'm in my first year of college and although I've not been formally diagnosed with endo it is suspected and I'm beimg treated for it. Over the exam period my GP gave me norethisterone to take. I started that about May 10th along with the tricyclic antidepressant amitriptyline (up to 30mg a day). The norethisterone worked great and I stayed on it till June 22nd. My GP gave me the combined pill Femodene to try after deciding I shouldn't have a mirena coil fitted at age 17 and apparently they're not suitable for endo! I took both norethisterone and femodene together from 20th till 22nd June then stopped the norethisterone, so I have now been on the femodene for 16 days as off July 5th.

Since June 14th I have been experiencing all my symptoms of endo-nausea, migraines, abdominal pains, fatigue, weakness and dizziness (is dizziness something you ladies commonly experience by the way as this worries me quite a lot?), lower back pain, and a kind of underwater feeling in my ears when I close my eyes. I have also had mild depression since about August 2011 which has been better then recently has been getting worse. I have been getting all these symptoms everyday since June 14th in varying degress of strength, which is not normal for me as usually I only get them for the week I'm on my period (which I still get even though I take my pill, which was logynon, back to back). My GP has me prescribed on oramorph oral morphine, and fenamic acid 500g or tramdol and diclofenac, however only the morphine touches it and it still doesn't completely take the pain away, and obviously doesn't help with the other symptoms. I haven't had a period at all since I started norethisterone and haven't even had once since I came off and have been on femodene, so I don't understand why I'm getting these symptoms continuously now without a period, when usually it's only a week (if I have a period or not I still get symptoms at about 1 week into my next pill pack when taken back to back-however it's rare I don't get even a small bleed).

Another thing is I'm in a long distance relationship and my boyfriemd came to see me 5th-8th June, on the evening of 9th I had a drs appointment and found out then that norethisterone isn't a contraceptive but it was too late then as I had been relying on it, I know I should have been using some other protection but I stupidly didn't. So I had actually had intercourse earlier that morning. At the doctor's I then got the morning after pill, and had to do a pregnancy test as I hadn't had a period in so long due to the noethisterone, which was negative. I took the morning after pill just 6hours after intercourse. Now, I don't think so but my mum thinks I could be pregnant.

So my question is has anyone experienced similar symptoms or gone through the same thing and do you think I could be pregnant?

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I have the merina coil it doesn't stop the endo fully but it stops ur mountly cycle. My gyne who operated on me fitted it and said it would be the best thing for me. From research and being a part of several groups on Facebook I have learnt that NOTHING will fully EVER fet rid of the pain! I had a big op back in Feb this year and am now in a lot of pain again! Also hunnie if u took a morning after pill 6hrs after unprotected sex then I'm pretty sure u are not pregnant! But if its playing on your mind I would take a pregnancy test! Having ur periods stopped thou wether it be a coil or birth control thou does help the endo going out of control because u don't have the heavy bledding and absolute agony which u would get if u were having ur monthly. I hope this has helped x


Hi Caitlin, I have no experiance with taking the norethisterone but have had amitriptyline and the other painkillers you mention in the past. I would advise you to take a test. I took the morning after pill just 12 hours after intercourse and 5 weeks later had a positive test and now have a little boy. Whilst it is successful in most cases it is certainly not guaranteed and I am one of those it didn't work for! It has however worked twice before. Taking a test is the only way you will now for sure. I get nausea dizziness both when I'm pregnant and with my endo. Take a test Chick that way you'll know for sure xx


Hi, I've had endo for 10 years and was given the mirena coil a few months ago as it's supposed to be good for endo sufferers, all it's done for me is made me put a stone in weight on. I have been let down by contraception in the past so I wouldn't rule pregnancy out completely but would be concerned if you are pregnant as you've been on a lot of medication. I get a lot of the symptoms you get with your endo and suffer from depression, which is often made worse by my endo. The only way you can officially be diagnosed with endo is by having a diagnostic laparoscopy. I've had 3 of them so far. Hope you get the answers you need soon.


Thank you all ladies, it is much appreciated, I'll see if I can pick a pregnancy test today, the last thing I need now is to be pregnant!

As for the mirena, I thought it was supposed to be one of the best things to help endo, and my gyne did have me booked in for it but the GP who was going to fit it didn't think it was right, so went to a meeting with specialist gynes in endo and took my case and showed them, and apparently the mirena can make a lot of women's pain worse, and due to it causing irregular bleeds wouldn't be suitable for me (because my pain is usually during menstuation) I'm also slightly odd in that for endo, my periods aren't extremely heavy, but the pain is immense. So much so that I've been missimg a week off college every time I'm on my period because no medication or pill takes the pain away, and it's impossible to concentrate, then add that to the lethargy and it's a disaster! Not sure If I'll be re soing my first year yet :(

But anyway, I'm on femidene for minimum 3 months so I'll report back and see if it's working for me, and maybe if you're struggling you can also give it a try :)

Unfortunately it is another that causes weight (along with amitriptyline) and basically every other contraception, which is making it damn hard to lose the stone I've put on with them all simce January :(

I wish all you ladies good luck, as thank you for helping.


I was the same as you with my endo... not especially heavy periods but immense pain. It used to be just during my period and just before, but in the last 6 months its constant (I don't have periods any more due to the drugs I'm on). It is because my fast growing fibroids are pressing on the nerves, and scar tissue has joined my uteris to my bowel. Maybe time for some investigative scans etc to find out why you are in pain all the time?

Best get a pregnancy test done just in case.


That's why I'm worried about my endo now, I think it could be getting worse, it already has just from January, last year I was only ill for 3-4 days, then it increased to 5-7 and then up to 2 weeks by the time I was feeling better again, and now it's just been constant for 4 weeks :/

I've had some blood tests today, they were Glucose, wheat intolerance, inflammatory, and liver and kidney check up, so I should get those back in a week, I also took a pregnancy test today, it was negative (thankfully!) but that also means it is either my endo getting worse, or something else with similar symptoms :/ either way it needs sorting :/ it is really making me quite depressed and I have had some troubles with my eating and weight in the past, and the fact that I've gained so much really isn't helping my mental health that way either :/ I am now actually just classed as being 'overweight' by bmi and as you can imagine, that is really getting to me, as no matter what I do I just can't seem to lose it, and I eat less than I should as it is :( it makes no sense :(


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