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Could this be Endo or Cancer?!!



For the past few months I have been having an ache in my pelvis which tends to move around. It all started off as feeing like I had a water infection but I've had three urine tests done by my GP and they have all been clear. I still have the discomfort when I go for a wee and for some time after as well. I don't use the toilet more frequently however and have no signs of blood or unusual discharge. Then about 6 weeks after that I started having a very dull ache now and then on the left side of my pelvis, in my groin really. Since then the ache has moved around and for the past few weeks it feels like it's settled on the right side of my pelvis, moving up towards my hip. I've also had a dull ache in the left side of my chest towards my arm for the past few weeks. I was seen at a GUM clinic to check for STI's and the internal exam showed some tenderness towards my right side so they treated me for PID but the antibiotics have had no effect and all my results came back clear. I was told to go back to GP which I did and he has referred me for an ultrasound. The GP mentioned endometriosis a few times however I have completely convinced myself I have cancer and i find myself obsessed with googling every type and matching my symptoms up to it. I suffer from anxiety really badly and often feel myself tensing my body up and I notice the pain much more when I'm panicking. I have to wait for the ultrasound but I'm struggling to just get through each day with the worry of having cancer. Im just wondering if my symptoms sound familiar to anyone? I've had no abnormal bleeding so far. Thanks in advance!

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It’s very easy to get caught up with Google. Main thing last year was frequency and couple UTI, when had lap, endo was on pelvic wall amongst others. The frequency hasn’t quite been so bad.

Tell your GP of concerns, it’s not unusual, have they referred you to gynaecology.

All I know is that I am waiting for an ultrasound. The pain near me shoulder and coming across my chest is actually bothering me more at the moment than the ache in my pelvis. It does seem much worse though when I’m getting upset and stressed. I think what worries me is that I haven’t had any abnormal bleeding and non of these aches seem to be made worse when I’m on my period. They are just pretty much there all the time. The GP said that you don’t always have bleeding with Endo. I’m just getting myself into a real tangle worrying about cancer. Having Endo would also be devastating but I have two young children and am terrified of dying!

I’ve had bad periods, painful, clots at end, etc., since forever, never any abnormal bleeding in between though. Endo can vary from person to person. My symptoms started late 2018.

Your GP sounds amazing, and very open. The ultrasound will give other info, doesn’t really show endo. It’ll hopefully put your mind at rest for cancer. So many different things.

Stress can cause muscular tension, but if it’s chest please do talk to GP. If they know you’re concerned, perfectly normal as there is so much mentioned about cancer, and the chest/shoulder, they will help, investigate if need be.

Do you have a date for scan?

To me it sounds like your anexity is causing your chest pain, and your pelvic pain can be caused from endometriosis or a cyst in your ovaries. As far as cancer I know you bleed between periods, or blood after sex, and alot if discharge. If you get your results from your ultrasound and they said you have increased vascular veins make sure you get another pap that could be a sign if cervical cancer. Good luck

Hi. I have this too and thought for months I had a recurrent UTI and my urine would be tested by the GP and come back negative. Whilst I haven’t had it confirmed in a lap, my consultant thinks it’s endo as I have a history of stage 4 endo and it’s grown back very badly in my pelvis over the last year as they can see lots of lesions in that area from an internal ultrasound (I’m going through IVF treatment and am currently pregnant so have lots of internal scans). The only way to properly diagnose endo is via a lap so after the ultrasound, I would say that’s the next step for you.

Hope that helps. Happy to chat further.

Take care

Emma xx

Poppy2527 in reply to EKP31

Hi, thanks for your reply. Did you have bleeding at all? It seems bleeding in-between periods is common for endo and because I haven't had that it makes me worried it can't be it. Is the pain like a nagging pulling like sensation? Yesterday I went back to the GP as I was worried and he said my lymph nodes were normal but noticed some sensitivity in my kidney and this time my UTI sample showed signs of infection so he is treating me for a kidney infection whilst I wait for the ultrasound. Have you already had an ultrasound?



No problem. No I don’t get bleeding in between periods and my pain / aching sensation is there a lot of the time but does get worse after a period. I suffer from recurrent UTIs so I know that sensation well and it feels inflamed like an infection but my urine is fine and it doesn’t hurt when I pee. When I had my IVF transfer, they could see the endo in my vagina and cervix and it is also visible on the ultrasound so I’m convinced my whole pelvis area is covered again. Plus both of my ovaries are stuck to my uterus so I think I can feel a pulling sensation from that.

Doing IVF, you have a lot of ultrasounds so yes I’ve had them but not to diagnose endo.

Have you been referred to a gynaecologist? I would suggest you ask your GP to if not done already

He suggested that the ultrasound might show up Endo, I don’t think he has referred me to the gynaecologist yet. Thank you for your help btw. So are you not having uti symptoms now? I mainly just have discomfort a little but after I have had a wee, not as bad as cystitis though, just a slight feeling like there is still a bit of wee there (sorry for too much info!)

Can I ask how old you are? I don’t have endo in my family as far as I know so the suggestion that it might be that has just come out of the blue. Has your doctor given you anything for the discomfort?

I also had bleeding during sex this morning which I have never had. I went to the hospital as I was so concerned and was told my bloods were normal and my urine just showed some white blood cells. I basically just need to wait for ultrasound. The doctor at the hospital mentioned endometriosis again. He said that although the blood tests wouldn’t rule cancer out the fact they didn’t show inflammation or infection was a good thing. I’m honestly in such a tangle with all of this. The stress is making me ill!

Hi I agree with the other posts, all good advice. The transvaginal scan can show endometriosis if you have it there or an mri can but a laproscopy is best way for diagnosis. It can be anywhere in that area all over or just one area. Take care xxx

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