In agony, fed up and dunno what to do, from your experience is there any point in going to A&E?

My pain has been extreme for the last two days, I can't get out of bed as moving about makes me worse & feel like I'm going to collapse! This is much worse than normal for me, it's a horrible dragging feeling on top of my usual sharp stabbing pains & cramps, period started 8 days ago and I'm still bleeding a little bit. I dunno whether my painkillers have lost their effectiveness or what it is, on voltarol suppositories & palexia which normally controls it. I am waiting on a lap (my 4th), I went in to get one on 6th of Apr but had an anaphylactic reaction and it couldn't be done, so I am waiting on a date to get allergy tests and need these before I can be booked in for the lap again.

I'm waiting on the out of hours doc ringing me but am very close to going to A&E, suppose the doc may tell me to go anyway as pain is unbearable, have any of you done this before and what has the outcome been? Tbh right now I'd be happy enough if they kept me in for pain relief but I wonder would it speed this process up?

Just in general my question is do you have any experience in going to A&E and have they kept you in or what has the outcome been? Did you get emergency surgery etc... It's a long time since I went down that route but am beginning to feel its my last option as am at my wits end. Thanks :-)

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I have been to A & E several times during the two years up to being diagnosed with endo - the first couple of times I was treated with derision - everyone has period pain deary!! But the last couple of times when I have been incoherent with pain, they have dosed me up with morphine and amazingly this has helped - I think its not being able to cope (even though we do on a daily basis) that makes it worse and someone listening makes a big difference. Hope you get sorted out soon xx


I have been to A&E a lot of times because of the pain and the passing out but all I have been told is just there is nothing they can do. I am allergic to tramadol and dinifenic so the only pain killers I am allowed are codine based and they do nothing for the pain.

I hope you get some relieve soon.

And good luck with your allergy tests and your next lap when you get the date.

Thanks everyone, I didn't go!! It kinda gets to a stage where you want someone to do something and being the holidays there it seemed like the only resort!! Contented myself with a hot water bottle and as many painkillers as I could lay my hands on. Going to see GP this morning but short of giving me stronger painkillers (I am on just about the strongest there is) I dunno what they can do anyway. Really so fed up with all this, am scared I'm gonna have to go off work on long term sick until I get this op :-(

Hi hun. I've been A&E a few times and have been given morphine to help. I'm still waiting to diagnosed with endo. But the last tone I went in they were really helpful. I have been take. Seriously and are testing for endo and PCO. I am being referred to a pain clinic. Even if they just offer you pain releif it's worth going. Why should you suffer? Hope it eases for you Hun x

I attend A&E regulary and they normally dose you up with morphine and send you home, but last month they kept me in for four days until my pain was under control. I think its worth it if you can get some good pain relief and some much needed rest for your body. x

if pain unbearable i wouldn't hesistate going to a and e, i have been a few times over the past year and yes themorphine is lovely and if you get a good doc they will investigate there and then and it moves things on a lot quicker, you get answers rather that being told to wait for a referral etc which can take months, be prepared to be kept in though, good luck.

Thanks guys!! Just thought I'd get back to you with an update! I did go to a&e on Friday and had morphine & drip etc. normally I can manage the pain but it had got so bad I was bein sick & was rather dehydrated, also hadn't slept in days so my wee trip to hospital helped get it under control. Had a scan which showed fluid in the abdomen prob either bleeding or a ruptured cyst or something but at least it's under control now!! Hope ur all keeping well :-) Rach xo

Ps meant to say they kept me in until Monday x

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