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Going in for a laparoscopy to see if have endo - what should I take?

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In under 2 weeks time I'm going in for my much delayed lap to see if I have endo. No treatment, no coil, just a look-see. I am thinking about what to take.. Loose clothes to wear afterwards, toiletries for a shower to get the post-op gunge off, pain relief, iPod for something to listen to, tissues for crying (hate hospital), Mum to take me home ;-), magazines to read, water, dairy free wheat free snacks, (trying endo diet), breastpump so I don't lose my supply (I'm still nursing my 10 month old), fleece blanket as I'm always cold in hospital, mobile, purse, socks, water, alcohol gel for skanky hosp toilet (another norovirus outbreak), camomile tea, rescue remedy, dressing gown, own towels,

Will I bleed afterwards? Do I need sanitary towels in case? There's no op as such, just the camera, but might I have a period like bleed anyway? What pain relief did you find worked best post lap, and how long did you stay bloated for? They say take an overnight bag just in case, but has anyone had to stay the night? I'm very nervous, as I am having all this hassle from a botched c-section, so couldn't bear for them to make any more errors.

Thanks so much everyone!

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Wow, you've certainly got it covered! :)

To be honest, if they're just going in to have a look, I would be very surprised if you'll be in long enough even to need all of that. And I think they'll give you water and pain relief, so you can probably leave that at home

You might have a bit of a bleed afterwards. I personally have never had any bloating or gas pain but peppermint cordial (at home!) will help with that should it happen.

Honestly, I know it's hospital, and nobody likes hospital, but you'll be out before you know it

Good luck! x

Hi there, I had my laparoscopy Feb 2011 , but back home in Poland. All of these things seem to be useful. I would strongly recommend to have someone with you after op. Is it's a bit difficult to move, take a shower etc.. I'm 25 and I think I wouldn't cope without my mum .. However it wasn't so bad after all. I thought it will be much more painful. I was in hospital for 5 days, it's a bit different in Poland, . The worst thing was having that drain in my tummy as they found this endo thing somewhere and cut it out. You might bleed a little but not as much as period..

I was bloated for like 2 weeks and after that I was ok and three weeks after op was fit enough to fly back here.

Don't worry! Really ! It's not that bad , not that painful .. After op I was taking REFASTIN which was really good for pain relief. But If you breastfeed not sure that should you take..

Having that op is really nothing , having endo diagnosed it's much worst.. You have child already, but I probably cant have children because of this stupid endo..

Pain is getting worse.. I feel my tummy every day.. But thoughts about not being able to get pregnant for. are much more painful than physical pain.

I wish all the best !! Be strong !! We are women we can take it..

- Joanna

I had my lap done 13 days ago it was only a look see also no endo was found ... i was in and out in 10 hours so I don't think u will need half of what your looking to bring ... all I needed was magazines & the clothes I wore to the hospital and I wore loose pajamas home as I was very tender ....

I still haven't had a bleed yet so don't worry if u dont either I went and seen my own gp on Friday he said if my period is not here in a few weeks then its time to worry ....

I was quite sore for a few days after believe it or not the pain in my shoulders from the gas they use was far worse .... but I was able to go back to work a week later .

Best of luck with it let us know

Bernadette x

Good luck for your op.

I can hopefully reassure you that it will be nowhere near the same kind of pain or experience of your c-section. For an investigation you will likely be under the anaesthetic not much more than 30 minutes.

I too had a difficult c-section experience which I found to be a pretty tough ordeal. That is because it is open surgery, if you have also been through prolonged labour, tired sore muscles.

Keyhole surgery is far less invasive and much easier to recover from with far less pain. I have had 3 laps and, like Bernadette has said, the gas pain which is like a really dull ache is usually what you will notice most. Your tummy will likely be swollen as the gas is used to provide good vision by creating space and they also sometimes put fluids in afterwards to prevent adhesions in the abdominal cavity. Generally the wounds themselves are tiny and not particularly painful, not compared to c-section. I think you will be pleasantly surprised after your recent experience or surgery.

Hopefully it will also help you to go on to get the right treatment to help so that you can enjoy your baby. What a worry for you at such a time. I do feel for you and wish you all the very best.

Let us know how you get on x x

Hi there,

Firstly, you are very prepared as it is, very impressive.

I would say to take some peppermint oil which you can then dilute with warm water and sip through a straw. I find this really really helps with the shoulder pain, that comes from them filling you up with air.... it will get trapped, and gravity does its thing and it will flow up into the shoulders and under the rib cage (or at least it did with me) some hospitals are good and will provide this for people who have had lap surgery but in my experience, most don't.

I wish you all the best for your surgery.

Hannah x

Thank you all very much. This is such a warm and friendly group. I really appreciate the kindness.

I am so sorry to hear about how much psychological pain the childlessness is causing you Joanna86. Nothing I can say about how godawfully hard it is to cope and bond with a baby, whilst being in constant pain will change how you feel. So I am just going to hope and pray that you do conceive when you are ready, and have the family you want without the endo impeding you from enjoying them.

Ironically it would seem the frightful c-section which started this all off, (badly excised undiagnosed ovarian cyst which then burst in my abdominal cavity), is going to put me in a good position from the point of view of coping with some new pain. And the peppermint oil is a really good tip, which no one has mentioned to me from the gyne ward when I asked. They're all a bit blase. But I think I am going to be grumpy beyond belief as I am already in daily pain. Mind you the Gen Anes might give me a chance for some long overdue kip ;-)

Trying to stay positive!

Hello there,

The one thing that i think you are missing from your VERY well prepared list is a pillow to keep between your stomach and the seatbelt on the way home from the hospital. With the amount of pot holes etc i found that really painful on the way home from hospital.

i have really bad endo and will need laps every 18 months to 2 years for the rest of my life and so i was only supposed to be under for half an hour with my lap and was under for almost three hours.

I only had light bleeding despite taking maternity pads in with me and the amount that they cut out the bleeding was nothing, As many others have said the main pain that i had was the shoulder pain so make sure you just keep moving it about and stretching your shoulders as it gets the gas moving around quicker.

I came back from my op just after 12 and was on my way home at three so i doubt you will be in for very long especially if it is just for a look around.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that everything goes well.


I had mine day before I was 40! You seem to have it covered - i got cysts removed at the same time (thought I was getting 1 removed but only found out after had 1 each side and start of endo!) defo good to have someone stay with you for a while if you don't live with anyone (I have 2 kids luckily they were at their dads, I stayed weekend with mum). May feel bloated dresses a great idea as I found anything with a waist band difficult (had to invest in some). I passed out day after (morning of 40th) after getting out bath luckily parents their to help but saw everything! Had to take things slow for 3 weeks after, shuffling around and off work too. Still managed a lower key 40th birthday girlie lunch alcohol free (trying not too laugh which was even harded).

Good luck with yours everyone different - I only found out before op that it might not be possible due to hernia op as a baby on tummy button also needed more anesthetic due to being a red head - all worked out ok and defo better than was before

Hi MrsGizzard,

You didn't mention slippers in your long list. I had a laparoscopy 3 years ago. Keyhole wasn't as invasive as regular operations used to be. They'll provide you with painkillers and a bulky pad incase of a bleed, and I did a bit.

I had to take a dressing gown and a pair of slippers, they provided the gown, as I had to walk to the operating theatre. You'll also need to remove ALL jewellry, so don't wear anything to the hospital that you don't need to. Don't forget to take any medication you're taking, or a list of them if you don't need to take them; the doctor will add all that information to a pre-anaesthetic preparation checklist. Also don't forget to take your list of questions, there's nothing worse than worrying that you've forgotten to ask something.

Laparoscopy's tend to be done on a day case surgery ward, so yes the loose baggy clothes are a good idea as you'll be pretty uncomfortable afterwards, but I would suggest wearing them there; and also take your own snacks if you're on a special diet, and hairbrush for less dishevelled post-op look. After you wake up and are back on the ward the nurses will probably offer you a cup of tea and a biscuit to help you recover from the anaesthetic and breathing tube/dry mouth properly.

Taking a book or ipod to listen to whilst you're waiting to go in and waiting to go home I would agree with, but nurses will usually provide an extra blanket if you need it, at least they did for me. Also, I took a comforting familiar object - my teddy bear.

Make sure you have someone to drive you to and from the hospital and stay with you afterwards; The doctor will want to ensure you have someone with you afterwards because of the risk of general anaesthetic, you'll also be glad of it. Everyone's different, but I took 2 months to recover properly from the op, and had severe constipation afterwards partly caused by the codeine I was prescribed for the pain.

You'll have stitches, so they usually say not to shower for 12 - 24 hours afterwards, and you may find a shower too uncomfortable for standing up for any length of time. A shallow warm bath with epsom salts to help relax the muscles and relieve any discomfort helped me, though I would recommend washing your hair before going in, as you may find it uncomfortable to raise your arms for a few days.

Please note, this is just a basic list. If you may have to stay overnight due to complications which are rare, then take whatever will help you through the night ie. wash bag, toothbrush/paste, hairbrush, teddy bear. When I've had to stay overnight I found sleeping difficult as it was an open ward and I sleep best on my own in the dark with no noise (even taking my hearing aids out didn't work).

I hope this puts your mind at rest a bit more. Best wishes to you and your 10 month old.

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