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pain and going to A&E?

we all know what the pains like and i genrally deal with it on my own with pain killers, but keep passing out with it and throwing up as per norm roll around crying and it being unbearable! now people ask me why i dont go to A&E and i know at some point it will pass but with the shrug offs im getting from my gyne and docs would it make a diffrance?? sounds daft but i tend to put up with to much and not make a song and dance but i think i might have to just wondered what you guy think? and what you do when its bad? thanks


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Bless you, so very sorry you are in so much pain, this disease is incessant.

I too have contemplated A&E at times. The only thing that puts me off is that I could be sat in the waiting room for hours before even being assessed, I would much rather be coping with my pain in the comfort of my own home and bed.

I guess if you do go, there are two possible outcomes:

You get treated with more pain medicine and sent home

You some how miraculously are seen my someone with knowledge and understanding of Endometriosis. He/she may be able to help/advise you and maybe get you admitted so more investigations can be done. However, if you are already in the care of Gynae, chances are, they can't do anything for you and just tell you to attend your next appointment.

There are other options though. Have you telephoned NHS direct/ 111. I have found them to be helpful in the past.

Or, you could phone your Dr.'s Surgery, and ask for a call back from your Doctor, where you can express to him (tears if necessary) the severity of your pain and then ask him if you should attend A&E. Therefore you can attend with his recommendation.

Sending you strength to get through this, how and why can we be left in such pain. If we were animals they would put us down. We deserve fair treatment.

Much love xxx


aw thank you you are so loverly that is great advice :) i just dont wont to waste there time when i no i will pass like you say in the comfort of your own home but im on my own alot and really struggle when i am crawling just to get basic things i need butr the 111 nhs sounds good will try it having a bad bout at the minuete and its flaring up again and i carnt see properly with pain meds sorry bout my typing thank you!

much love and tummy love to you x



I've been to A & E twice due to unbearable pain and put up with it other times/ taken tramadol! They can't do anything except give you pain relief which helps :) I've been to the gynae who have told me I only have mild endo (although I have severe symptoms) and they aren't taking me seriously! I have called NHS direct once who sent me to an on-call doctor who thought I was faking it and gave me tablets for wind!?! They don't take this condition seriously! It's absolutely ridiculous!

Hope everything turns out ok for you :)



In the early days, before and after diagnosis and proper pain management, I was regularly in A&E - mainly because I would pass out or fit at work or when shopping etc and people would call an ambulance. The regular hospital admissions (sometimes multiple times a month) led to my diagnosis, and to me getting effective pain relief. I never went of my own accord or called an ambulance myself, but when it was so bad that I was falling unconscious and waking up screaming in pain, there was no real option. A&E trips varied - some paramedics would immediately give IV morphine and entonox and I'd get good pain management at hospital - other times, I'd have docs who would only give me IV paracetamol and voltarol suppositories! My notes essentially said I was a hypochondriac drug seeker until my diagnosis but after that things were better.

Your pain is not being managed properly - your GP needs to give you better pain relief or refer you to a pain clinic who can do it for you. If they're not willing to do this, and your pain is making you pass out and vomit, your only option is hospital. If things are that severe, you should be at the hospital - not only could you have a ruptured cyst or twisted ovary, but you need help to get your pain under control. Hopefully an admission would lead to a referral to a pain clinic even if your GP and gynae won't help.

I hope things improve for you - I've been on morphine for 9 years and my current GP is trying to get me to stop it very quickly, and I'm very worried about ending up in A&E all the time again. You're not alone in this - I'd demand proper pain relief from your GP and make it clear that you'll end up wasting hospital resources if they don't help you.



thanks guys im like you music_meg when was diognosed i only had mild endo and severe symptoms that was 5 years agao and its just gotten worse im taking tramodol and oxy codone it helped for a while but dosent touch it now need to push i know but im in to much pain to do anything and can hardly see to type!

just dont have the will to fight this at the min and the pain is just so unbearble im taking more pills than i should :( arg!

thamks again x


I've been in A&E with endo pain. I've been carted out of work on a stretcher and pumped full of morphine, had ambulances called for whilst at home and been took there by my partner a few times. It's not because I'm a hypochondriac, but having severe endo, PCOS and a frozen pelvis when I've exhausted all my tablets (and I have the full range of painkillers etc) I know that the only way I'm going to get relief is by going to hospital. My pain comes on suddenly and is crippling to the point if screaming. The last time I was in hospital they suspected an ectopic pregnancy (I am on zoladex and infertile) and I admitted for 3 days, whilst they confirmed it was a ruptured cyst. I've had two admissions like that.

Anyway I digress, my point is... If you are in so much pain that you cannot function and are worried then A&E is the place to go in case there is an underlying reason for the pain that isn't just an endo attack.



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