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Has anyone every been in that much pain they have gone into a&e for help and what was the reaction?


I have had endometriosis for about 4 years now. I had some adhesions lased a few years ago and was pain free for a while. However March 2015 I started feel this awful pain again and after another lap at Christmas the endo is confirmed as back, I have another lap booked for the 26th August to remove the endo, I am on lots of tablets to ease the pain but the pain is getting progressively worse, had my tablets this morning and still in horrendous pain, has been like this for the last 3 days. I don't know whether I should just go to a&e? Please help? X

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I've never been to a&e as I always assumed they wouldn't do anything but they might do scans if you have abdominal pain but again I'm not sure if specially if your diagnosed as having endo. I've been to the out of hours doctors because I thought I had a kidney infection I felt so bad and they said its my endo and to see my gp :/

Thank you hun xx


Hi,last night there was a post from moxy film about being in pain.

She went to emergency and this time was treated well there.

You have had a lot of laps and all of those produce their own scar tissue and adhesions.

August is a long way to go,so i wld go up and get it seen to,so you are able to manage until then.

Kind regards


hayleys900 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Rose, The GP has changed my pain meds round so much. What worries me is I am taking diclofenac and two zapain on top of my usual tabs and still in pain. I have endo on the left uterosacal ligament, the pain feels like i am burning internally and over last few days feels really tight is if something is going to snap! Xx

NJG_98 in reply to hayleys900

be careful hun, i was on diclofenac and they can cause gut problems... if you feel internal burning deffo get seen to asap! Wishing you the best xxx

hayleys900 in reply to NJG_98

Thanks xx



That is one of the places i had it and i know those stabbing pains well.

Try the heat pack on it at night as well that helps me.

Thats a lot of meds mate,try and hang in there in august this will be sorted

Rose xx

Hi hunny, I've been a&e a few times and they might give you a scan to confirm nothing else is happening, check blood for infection but most off all they would get pain under control with morphine

If you can't handle the pain go xxx

I've been to a&e a couple of times. Now I just struggle in pain my experiences are not great, its alot of your healthy, are you stressed and looks of confusion. Since they said I have Endo I know just get 'its just the endo' very frustrating 😞

I've been to A&E after almost passing out from pain at work one night.

I was given morphine and sent home with tramadol

Just an update. I went to a&e last night, just gave me something for the pain (tramadol), was going to admit me to control the pain as it wasn't getting better even eith the tramadol, but I decided there was no point staying as they would only let me go in the morn with more pain meds. Gynae doc came and said he could clearly see that I was in lots of pain but gave me a tap on the shoulder and said august 26th is not to far off to wait for my op. I really don't think they understand how awful this pain is, I said that is nearly 10 weeks!!

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