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HI i had a lap back in june and lazer surgery and doc said i would be pain free at least for sometime but i have never had any releif from the pain and starting to loose my mind. i have all my pain on left side especially in my pelvis, hip area, its like burning inside and sometimes runs down my left leg, i also am extreamly tied and suffer sinus and headace a lot of the time which doc said was all connected. I really dont no what to do next as they did biopsy which came back unconclusive? i.e not much help. I just dont no what to do next, i remember doc showing me lap pictures but i was still under annesthetic and really cant remember what he said, i have been discharged from hosp now and just left to get on with it. Can anyone tell me if i should push for surgeon to cut out endo rather than lazer it and would this make pain anybetter? i have been put on pill for 3 months solid to help as didnt want coil fitted as also have pcos syndrome and didnt want to make it any worse, i would be really gratefull for any advise from people who actually understand what i am going through.

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hi, i had a lap for endo in may just gone, and i still had the pain after and kept thinking is this ever going to ease! spoke to my consultant 2 months after my lap and he said its quite normal to feel similar pain for up to 6 months after surgery, would explain it! and it took 5 months for me to be able to walk around, stand and sit with virtually no pain :) still get flutters, sudden small pains, and aches when walking to far, but nothing like before, still take ibuprofen regually, but sucks really they say surgery gives you about a year before it comes back again.........but can take up to 6 months to feel better, so not really a year :( xx


thx becca88


oh and your biopsy came back inconclusive?? they said anymore? mine came back clear, god they aint much help are they x


Totally agree ladies!

Firstly your not going mad?!

Massive hugs! If you are I am too!

Its a relief to read it here too!

Had excissive lap in 26th July & although feel much better from actual operation although bladder & vowels are a mess (don't think they will ever work!)

But I'm still generally having same chronic pain I did before the lap.

Periods have been f horrendous I don't normally swear but awful 2wks solid I could sit there & it pour out of me then spotting, clotting bloody awful.

That I would possibly no change from before operation!!

You know sleeping on a towel, even sat on one in car just incase (I have grey & black seats!) my brother asked me & just said oh need a pillow for my back!

Feel free to message me at anytime I'd like to talk to ladies in similar position!

What's next? How do you cope?

Big hugs.xxxx


Hi, I too had my lap in June and was told things would be better for me after my lap even if it was for a few months. I've had no relief and the pain is much worse than before and a different kind of pain. I have been to see my consultant and have spoken to him twice on the phone, he is now trying to say it's all in my head (the pain) and said I couldn't possibly getting as much pain as he had performed my operation well! He has now referred me to the Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic in Manchester and I am going back to see my consultant next month. My insides just don't feel right, burning, pulling, stabbing sensations and constant pain of varying levels. My hormones are all over the place and I seem to have no control over my moods, really sore breasts and terrible bloating. So I can completely understand why you think you are going mad because that's how I feel. Definitely push to see an endo specialist, don't take no for an answer, hopefully you see someone who listens to you. Take care X


I took a while to heal, but if your worried speak to g.p or you should have a check up date with consultant


Have you gone to a Endo Specialist Centre? Or just a normal average Gynae?

Most women with severe Endo (stage 4) have to have more than one Lap depending on age etc. I've had 2 in 18 months and am waiting for my next one currently.

Tea Cosey x


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