New painkiller - Tapentadol (palexia). Has anyone else tried this?

Hi all, I had a bit of a moan at the doctor earlier this week about how rotten Tramadol was making me feel and how I thought it was losing its effectiveness. She prescribed me this new drug to try (50mg every 4-6 hrs), it had to be ordered into the chemist because it is so new, but I wondered had anyone else tried it? I've only been using it for 1 day but I'm really pleased, very fast acting and the side effects are not as bad, still get drowsy but I dont mind that as i managed to sleep like a baby last night for the 1st time in months.

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  • This sounds great, I havent tried that yet but I think I might be enquiring is it just as effective as tramadol and is it morphine based or something else? I will let you know weather I can get it and what my doctor says xxxxx

  • Please let me know how u get on with getting this at gp's as I am very interested how been reading up on it and its is meant to be very cheap for the gp to prescribe less that 2pound a day so cost would not be a problem

  • When I asked my doctor about this he said not in this country and left it as that that, so no luck for me unfortunatly anyone in England getting this. I will be very upset if doc is lying to me haha Xxxx

  • U can get in England im on it and from uk helps with mty M. E. And fibromyalgia but not all my back issues is great pain killer im allergic to most not as knocked out as morphine so awake more best so far

  • I saw my gynae last week and told her about this - she hadn't heard of it either, but she looked it up, agreed it looked good, and has asked my doctor to prescribe it for me.

    I'm taking pethidine at the moment and I hate the side effects, so looking forward to seeing how this works out!

    Alex - your doctor is fibbing to you! LOL! x

  • Lol Alex if I can get it in Northern Ireland I'm sure you can get it in England, doc is just being lazy!! It's def worth a try Chrissie, I get the 50mg tablets but you can take up to 600mg a day so I take 1 and then if the pain comes back in a few hours take another for a boost, no waiting for 4-6 hours like the tramadol! And they don't make me very drowsy, bit of that 'stoned' feeling but it's manageable. I take 2 at once before bed and it does help me sleep.

    Getting my op tomorrow (eek!!) so hopefully all endo will be removed and I wont need them anymore (well for a while) :-)

  • Me too was prescribed with this new Tablets after years of tramadol and different other pain killers.Tapentadol is far better pain killer than those i was prescribed before..First time i manage to have a good night sleep...Most chemist need to order it for you as its a new tablets...its magic

  • yes have been on it for 16 weeks now great if you want info about it drop me a line at

  • Hello I'm new to the group I have been on Tapentadol for around 5 years now its very good the only problem I've found us with it been a slow release sometimes I have to take 2 tablets at once which can leave the head feeling a little dizzy

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