Have anyone else experienced this?

I would usually have bloating and menstruation pain along with the other pains endo causes every month but the thing is that only once every 4 to 9 months i actually see blood. My doctor says my ovary would swell but it does not burst as is suppose to. I experience pain for three weeks in a month and sometimes i get all sort of weird feeling. I would feel as if someone tied a string to my vagina from the inside and keep pulling it and oh don't talk about the stabbing pain. Whenever i am going through all these pains it becomes difficult for me to climb the stairs because my legs hurt like crazy. i am a teacher and it is also difficult for me to write on the chalkboard at that time because my arms hurt as much as my leg and all of it makes me extremely weary. My hip would feel as though it's crashing in an instant which also affects my walking. My doctor said its all because of endo but i would really like to know if anyone else feels this way.

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  • i can totally relate to the string pulling bit, although my string is my left ovary lol. until i was diagnosed i kept saying it feels like somebody has a string and they keep tugging on it, that was/is an everyday feeling, its my my mormal feeling, its my dull ache pain, but when it goes into full swing it stabbing and then labour contractions like - the left side of my pelvis feels seized up frequently, frozen almost, it comes and goes but its there everyday, one minute i'm limping and bent over, the next i'm walking normal - its all very strange xx

  • yes i get all of those feelings too and it creeps me out i really don't know what else to do

  • i'm supposing there's nothing that can be done until they remove the endo or adhesions i guess, i had my lap three weeks ago, they didnt remove my endo, too much they said so i'm on waiting list for full hysterectomy and they will remove it all then......hopefully - i'm still not 100% sure about the hysterectomy, but i don't have to decide yet as have other appointments at the endo clinic the consultant runs but at least i'm in the system and can just push it back if need be xx

  • did a lap almost 2 years back and my doctor removed my endo but i guess its just back. i think i will have 2 do another lap but i am dreading that because its after my first lap that things became worst for me

  • Roann- I can totally sympathise with you. I am so glad to hear someone else has stabbing pains in vagina (sorry, this probably is of no comfort to you). Sometimes I leap out of my chair as sitting hurts. My pains are so bad I can have 'period pains' for between 3-5 weeks which start each month when I should be due and I don't bleed for a few weeks but the bloat is so bad! Pains down the legs, sometimes I have to stop when walking up stairs its so bad. I used to be a runner and now I can't face even running to the end of my road. The pain in arms is interesting. I am a training teacher and I must admit when i am infront of a class as I panic to get it right I tend to forget my pains but I do ache all over. My arms get really heavy and pins and needles and I often loose feeling a bit in my fingers and my fingers are always really cold! Even now, a week after my period stopped I have had no pain free days. I used to have a weeks respite from pain straight after being on but not any more :-(

  • well it seems as though we are going through the same thing. i usually feel extremely cold as if i am in a freezer. i asked my director for a early day today because the pain is too much and i feel extremely cold and weak and i cannot teach or help the children as i am supposed to. endo depresses me it's like i don't have a normal life anymore. i can't sit for too long. it hurts from my neck right down to my toes and my body feels so live less like the only thing left to happen is for me to fall and stay there. i stay away from work so often i am scared my boss will fire me and every month i spend a lot of money on pills because my doctor is private. he said the only thing right now would be to do another lap or use contraceptives or have him do some kind of drilling into me. i do not want to do any but i still want the pain to go away. as i am typing this i am crying because i am so frustrated and need a normal life. i am only 21 and have huge dreams but with endo i am afraid i will not be able to achieve some of them.

  • hi there, totally get what you are all describing, i too get the tingly aches and pins and needles so frequently. my gp advised me that this is most likely down to anemia and low mcv & mch (if i have remembered right) levels which is like anemia when the stored levels of iron are low and your red blood cells become smaller as well. this leads to reduced oxygen \& blood levels around body and can cause the lightheadness etc hope this helps x

  • thank you it did. i will be paying my gynae a visit today to get checked up

  • i have this.. mainly left side... i desribe it as it feels like something grabbing and squeezing my left ovary... my legs painful and i have shooting like pains down my left left.. and sometime my arms tried.. weary feeling.. have pin head arces...feel tried alot ....

  • well i am happy t know that i am not the only one feeling this way but at the same time i am sad to know that so many women are going through this.

  • Hi,same here sharp pain in my right hip,terrible pelvic pain and unable to walk...I am a nurse and this is horrible.I wish I could afford to stop working.:(((

  • i know that feeling

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