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Can't walk today - has anyone else experienced this?


Had my lap in December which confirmed my endo, she removed what endo she could see plus a polyp and also detached my bowel from my uterus.

I felt SO much better after my lap and started getting back into the swing of things but I started getting pains last Sunday. They got progressively worse throughout the week and last night I was unable to walk. I couldn't put any pressure on my right leg without getting shooting / stabby pains through my thigh and up through what felt like my ovary. I got to the point where I couldn't lift my leg but I couldn't put it down either, I just had to kind of let it hang whilst I doubled over in pain.

I managed to get some decent sleep and thought it had worn off when I work up this morning but I started walking around and the pain came back. I managed to get an emergency appointment with my GP who tested me for appendicitis and a urine infection and came to the conclusion that I must have either another cyst on my ovary or I am just experiencing acute ovulation pain (my last period started on 14th May and lasted for three days, so the timing is right I guess).

I just wondered if anyone has experienced this and whether they have any advice or suggestions? Can ovulation be that painful and would it last a whole week?


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Oh yes. Sorry but I have similar problems every month. Usually last week to ten days. It is very difficult to live with because there isn't a lot to help. Friends don't understand why I am ok one day then not the next...

Hot water bottle is comforting so hang on in there. There are lot of us in same situation and we all support each other.


Hi yep I can relate to this when my pain is bad sometimes I get shooting pain in my leg someone on here once said it could be sciatic nerve it doesn't last too long and a nice bath does help xx


Morning guys

Thanks for this, sometimes it's good to just hear that you're not going mad and that other people experience it too. Not that I'd wish it on anyone and I'm sorry you suffer with this kind of pain too :(

My hot water bottle has become my best friend lately! I was thinking of fashioning some kind of belt to keep it in place! Haha

Thanks for your advice :)



I had this really bad before my first lap and it has just started again! I can totally emphatise with you, it is very debilitating. They said to my after my first lap that I had endo on my right ovary, thick layer and that was the cause of my pain. I think that now my endo is back with a vengeance and that the layer is getting to thick and pressing on something. When I had this first I had acupuncture and it helped more than pain killers. I know of a good one in London.

Take care x


Hi Bledie

Thanks for this! I hate pain killers, I hate putting chemicals in my body but I find that hot water bottle is the best thing for me.

Can I ask how long between your last experience of it and it starting again?


Millie xx


Hi there.

I'm so sorry to hear that you get this too. Hot water bottles are amazing, but you can get these heat patches from the pharmacy that you can stick onto your stomach or where the pain hurts so you don't have to hold on to one all the time.

I find my pain lessens if I do a bit more exercise. Obviously you can't when your in pain, but in between.

Feel better soon!!


Hi Joblack

I had not thought of using heat patches - I like cuddling my bottle but I guess it might be better when at work! haha - are they hypoallergenic? Cause I can't use plasters ..

I do quite a lot of exercise, yoga, swimming & pole fitness, I'm really holding onto it all as much as I can and would hate to have to give any of it up!

Thanks for your advise : )




Hi I have leg hip pain every day and since I've taken nortriptyline for chronic nerve pain it has reduced it so I'm not limping this month but its still there just more manageable. I also use heat patches and some makes say to put on clothes not directly on skin as get too hot and can burn so if you have allergies is recommend them. My hottie is great but at work heat patches are much easier to use! Hope you find some relief soon x



Yeah this was the same for me but this is only the second time I have had it and it's since I stopped taking the pill which makes me think it could be ovulation pain, which apparently can be a lot worse in endo sufferers.

On Friday night I couldn't put any pressure on my leg without getting shooting stabby pains going up through my thigh & groin and passing through my right ovary. However, I couldn't lift my leg either so I literally couldn't walk - it was like lifting my leg was pulling on certain muscles and making them sting...

I'd be interested to know what your gynae has to say about it - I am currently awaiting a scan on NHS - my private healthcare won't cover me :( it is a "pre-existing condition" which it wasn't but I've argued long and hard and it's literally taken it out of me.. I give up .. I'll go NHS!

Millie xx


Hi! When my endo and adeno pain was bad I used to see an osteopath, she used different techniques and one was an infrared lamp ( it looked like a shower head!) and I really found it helped! Especially for the shooting leg pain. They aren't cheap but you may be able to get a referral from your GP if your lucky? Something to consider anyway! Hope this helps x


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