Acupuncture! Has anyone else tried it...?

Good evening - I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis at the end of April (at the same time as having a large complex cyst removed). I've recently been experiencing some familiar pains on the left side so decided to try a course of acupuncture (I want to avoid having my ovaries removed which is the plan if pain returns).

Well 2 weeks and 2 sessions in I really do feel like it is helping, keen to hear if anyone else has tried it.

Thanks all.

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  • It's helped me loads! By my 6th treatment I knew it wasn't a fluke. Is very expensive for me though. Not sure how long I can keep it up.

  • Its great to hear it helped - I had my 2nd session yesterday and have felt so much better already. Agree it is expensive though.... how often do you have it? xx

  • Weekly...

  • Yes I'm having it weekly too - will keep you posted on how it goes x

  • Hi

    I am currently having acupuncture on my 3rd treatment I haven't felt too much improvement yet but got another 3 to go so still hopeful I have it weekly it's expensive but if it works to me it's worth it I think you need about 6 to see if it's going to work.Best of luck.


  • Hi - I hope it works for you. xx

  • I have been having Accupuntre for 12 months now and really do believe it has changed me as a person. I go monthly and if I can't attend a session I feel the difference. Agree it is expensive though

    Good luck

  • Thats really good to hear - I'm happy to keep going with it, anything is better than the pain :-(

  • I get accupunture through pain management clinic at my hospital maybe worth asking if ur hospital has a pain management clinic as would save u a lot of money in the long run but I do feel it has helped me a lot xx

  • In have just had my second session this morning, I am doing mine more to help with fertility as pain wise I haven't been too bad since my lap in April (well up until the past 2 weeks where I've been having some tummy cramps again.) I also want it to help with my stress levels and have noticed a great difference today, I feel so much more relaxed. I agree it is expensive though, not sure how long I can keep it up but willing to give it a few months.

    Glad that it seems to help everyone xx

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