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Post laproscopy - pain and confusion about what next…

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Hi everyone,

I had my lap a week ago now and they found and removed endometriosis from my pelvis, particularly on the left side and fitted a Mirena coil.

When I came round from surgery I was told I wouldn’t be having a follow up appointment as the surgeon had got it all with the laser and that combined with the coil was the treatment.

It’s been a week now and I’m still in a lot of pain, to the point where I find it difficult to sit up at the table to eat and also to do small tasks like a load of washing or wipe the surfaces. The pain is particularly around the incision sites, period type cramps and also back pain.

They also discharged me with no painkillers so I have been managing on paracetamol, ibrufen and a minimal amount of co codamol. I’m due back at work on Wednesday and dreading it - luckily I work from home.

My query is, is this level of pain normal? They said to speak to my GP if I am in pain but I’d have to ring up at 8 to fight for an emergency appointment and I’m not sure this warrants that.

Also I’m a bit lost with what the next steps are? Do I still have endo? Will I still have pain? What do I do if I think it’s coming back? they said they got all of it, but I know endo is a chronic condition and may well come back.

Thank you so much for any help you can give!

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A week is still quite fresh! It takes some people a good month to recover, and I know the coil can cause period like pain when first fitted too.

I was discharged from hospital with codeine, it does make you sleepy but I found it really helped. Paracetamol/ibuprofen wasn’t strong enough for me, I had codeine and paracetamol and it made me comfortable, so yes definitely call the GP and request for something stronger. I called my GP and requested more codeine which they prescribed for me without a problem. It will also help with the back pain (which I had too). I found it was a combination of the gas moving round my body and walking round hunched over because the bloat and my stitches were hurting me.

Endo will more than likely come back so another lap would need to be done to remove it again. It usually takes a year or so to come back :(. The pain should subside for a bit but the coil does cause period like pain too.

I called my gp and got a week extension on my sick note as I can’t sit on a chair for long periods of time either. Think it’s the pressure on the abdomen?? But explore the option of having your doctors note extended because no job is worth you sacrificing your health for! You’ve just had surgery and need to give your body time to recover. It takes some women up to 6 weeks to feel more themselves so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Give the GP a call (I had the 8am rush as well) get some stronger painkillers and get an extension on your sick note! That’s exactly what I did.

Good luck! Keep drinking peppermint tea and lay off bloating foods for a bit. It’ll help your incision areas xx

Thank you so much this is so helpful!

Yes I definitely think the bloating doesn’t help either, I feel like my tummy is getting the way when I sit down or bend down and causing pressure.

I thought that would be the case! From what they said which was about 30 seconds in the recovery room, I’ve had the treatment and that should be it. Luckily I have done my own research!

I’ll call my GP and speak to them about pain relief. I’m really reluctant to extend my sick note because of financials but like you say health comes first!

I had my lap last Wednesday and had adhesiolysis along with endometriosis I was given codeine.l'm in pain with a lot of stomach pressure it hurts when I walk too much, but I'm still really sleepy and foggy headed I'm getting shooting pains up my vagina ooouchh also still have gas as I can feel it moving around especially around my ribs I find it hard to bend so yes you will still have pain and I feel they wernt very professional with you by not explaining and not giving you pain meds the surgeon, anesthetist and nurse came to see me before and after. I was like you and thought I would be ok after 2 weeks maybe but by the way things are going I feel its going to be 4 weeks as I've only been out for 1st time today and I lasted 5mins walking and we had to go back home due to.pain and dizziness...I slept 2 hours when I got home. Please take your time with healing u may feel okish but yr still healing inside so u need more time off work ❤

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DalmatianGirl in reply to Jaye75

Thank you! I’m sorry you’re still feeling rough, no I definitely don’t think I had the best aftercare, they left me waiting to go to the toilet for ages too and to bend down and pick my bag up off the floor! I’m going to speak to my GP tomorrow! Hope your pain settles soon x

I can totally relate!! I had a lap. a week ago, they removed Endo, a cyst on my right ovary. Also removed my original Mirena since it was positioned poorly and the replaced it with a new Mirena. I was not given pain meds either. I have been experiencing the same pain you’ve described! This is my third laparoscopy with a new doctor. I just keep reminding myself that it’s only been a week, my organs needs settle and heal. I remember taking 2 weeks off from work previously being that my job was quite physically demanding. Take it easy and remember doing laundry and small tasks are wins!

Also, I had Tylenol with codeine left over from my last surgery which helped me the first two days after this surgery too. Definitely reach out to your GP if the pain is to much to bare. I also don’t understand why you don’t hAve a post-op follow up!!!

Please let me know if you need any moral support… you are not alone!

Thank you, I’m sorry you’re also in so much pain! I hope you feel better soon! I’m going to speak to my doctor this morning and see what they say!

Good idea! I hope they give you pain meds and wish you a speedy recovery!

Hi Sweetheart Pain is due to you healing - try if you can not take too may tablets

As its early days general exercise- load the wash/smaller - as heavy items cause


Stay safe - work should realize - so one step at a time- try to recover be aware

its up to you.

Take care

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi. A week is still very early. I had my first laparoscopy 3 weeks today. I like you was told the outcome as I came round in recovery and no follow up was mentioned. I was originally signed off by hospital for 2 weeks but then spoke to my gp about going back to work and due to being in a physical job she signed me off again as says it's too early. My gp advised me that I shouldn't be loading the washing machine but was ok to wash up and iron.

I have been really uncomfortable so am glad I didn't go back to work. I have struggled to sleep as I like to sleep on my side but it's just too painful. I was discharged without pain relief but I had a stock at home. I have taken paracetamol and ibuprofen but when pain has been bad co codamol have worked the best.

From what I understand even with endometriosis removed you still have endometriosis as it can grow back anytime. I had mine lazered off too.

Wishing you a speedy recovery x

You sound like me, I’m a side sleeper too! I hope you feel better soon x

Hi there, Sorry to hear of your pain. I was exactly the same as yourself. My lap was a long time ago, I've had a few over the years, takes a good month or so to fully recover. Drs never really send you home with many painkillers, just the basic stuff. Your own gp should be able to prescribe you stuff.Just make sure if your taking codeine or tramadol you make sure they give you a laxative, because that discomfort ontop of the discomfort your already experiencing is horrific. It was for me anyway with all the inflammation from being poked and prodded. Also if your taking ibuprofen ensure you eat before you take it as it could cause gastric issues, I ended up with inflammation in my gut and that was not pleasant. I find sometimes gp prescribe you medications but with those medication come side effects and they forget about that. Good luck, hope your feeling better soon. Also only go back to work when you are ready.

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DalmatianGirl in reply to Ronsk

Thank you!

Bless you, I’m on day 10 after lap and still have a little period pain and pain in abdomen. My sick note runs out in a couple of days and will be asking for an extension as I’m still struggling with the trapped wind. I really can’t wait to sleep laying down 😂.Peppermint tea is really good to help with the trapped gas. It’s helped me along with Paracetamol and codiene.

Hope your soon feeling better soon and remember don’t rush yourself x

Thank you! Yes I definitely think I still have some trapped gas as well! That initial shoulder pain from it was awful😬

Hey, just to echo what everyone’s saying above. I was off work for I think six weeks after my first laparoscopy (diagnostic + removal of some endo); about 8 weeks after my second (hysterectomy + more major endo excision) and 10 weeks after my third (removal of ovaries). I am really lucky to have a permanent job with three months sick leave on full pay allowed each year. I used to do temp work and would have had to rely on money from family if this had happened then. Take all the time your body needs, if you possibly can in terms of finances; and take all the help you can get from partner, family, friends, support networks. Endo is an absolute b*stard of a disease and human beings are just not built to suffer through major stuff alone - we can do it if we have to, and too many of us do, but it takes a toll. None of us deserve to suffer.Wishing you all the very best with your recovery hun x

Oh and I was not automatically given pain relief by the hospital either. After the hysterectomy I insisted on it; the other times I went to my GP straight after and got co-dydramol, which is paracetamol plus a form of codeine. Codeine works great for me, but as others have said, it can lead to constipation, so ask the GP about that as well if you think it might be a problem for you (I tend to get diarrhoea so for me the constipating effect is a relief lol)

Thank you for your kind response! I spoke to my GP yesterday and she wants to see me Monday so hopefully she’ll be able to help!

Hello! As everyone else said , it is very early still, try to relax and look after yourself, not overdoing things. I had my first lap in 2015 and that was because I had an awful pain every single day which was destroying me. I didn't know anything about endo, I just woke up , been told I had endo and they burnt it. It took me about a month to recover, but the pain became so much better. I hope you will have a speedy recovery and your symptoms improve!

Thank you! It’s shocking how little they tell you. I have an appointment with my gp today and I’m hoping she can access the report for me!

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