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Surgical menopause & hrt

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Hi hope i get some advice.

I have been told following hysterectomy (stage 4 endo & adenomyosis) I need hrt to manage surgical menopause.

In 2014, I was fast tracked to a breast clinic due to lumps in my breast that were fortunately fine. The breast consultant told me estrogen was the cause & that I should stop the pill, as well as future hormones with estrogen. The hrt is estrogen and im im limbo.

My endo is progressive and aggressive and im taking lupron depot injections (currently on 2nd round - each 3 months).

I would really like to know other peoples experience of surgical menopause with hrt. The 'C' word frightens me & brings back memories of my scare.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Have a safe & happy Christmas and New Year.

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I too have estrogen dominance issues. I am on lupron, mirena iud, and progestin. I just did a test recently that shows what your hormones do over the course of 24 hours (during a specific part of your “cycle”). It is a dried urine test. You do 5 of them over the course of 24 hours. It tests your adrenals and sex hormones. It also tests for oestrogen. It’s a bit pricey but for me it was so worth it. I have severe adrenal insufficiency from a concussion 6 years ago and my sex hormones are as low as they can go. So the meds are doing their job but too well. I still have a phantom cycle every month. No bleeding (a bit of spotting tho) but all the pms, cramps, nausea. So basically I need more progesterone. So we’ve added a cream in. The test is based out of the USA so I don’t know the logistics for you as I’m in Canada. It’s called the Dutch test.

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Thanks and i will be asking about this Dutch test to see if i can use it to help my situation.Have a safe & painfree Christmas and New Year x

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It’s an independent test so your doctors will likely have no idea about it. It’s around $500 usd. The company is based out of Oregon I believe. I took the regular hormone tests at the blood clinic and it showed nothing other than my hormones were not completely even. But the answers from this test are far superior!

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Excellent. I hope I can get this :-)

As an endo sufferer you need combined hrt after hyster. This is whether or not they keep ovaries. I’ve found it took a while to find HRT that suited me and have had a few lumps investigated but all ok. The chance of breast cancer does unfortunately raise as you get older and HRT doesn’t make much difference. Certainly yes it increases risks a little but the benefits of HRT outweighed that for me. Everyone has to make their own decision. I’d advise doing a lot of research for your situation and talking to a menopause expert. Most hospitals do have a menopause clinic so they should be a good place to advise.

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Thanks i appreciate the honesty. I will ask to speak to a breast consultant as estrogen issue foubd for my lumps and ask for referral to menopause clinic too...didnt know one existed.Have a safe & painfree Christmas and New Year x

Hi,Firstly look at your diet?

Many foods have estrogen in them.

Soya, and milk, red meat, tinned peaches etc.

If you are the type od person that has allergies cut out foods that have histamines in Bananas, Adovados! etc.

If your bowel gives you inflammation, cut out all wheat, gluten! tomato, raspberry and strawberry pipes! and products with lactose in, there is milk and yogurts which have the lactose removed. Try and get a bio yogurt or take bio gut tablets.

Take 1000mg of VIT C with some VIT D3.

As far as a Hsto, what is your age? If you are under 50 personally I would hope you get a second opinion, I wouldn't do it. If you do there are other risks, depending where your Endo is? Then maybe, depression, aging, blood pressure, thyroid and pituary changes, even the possible chance of bladder damage. There is also proven facts about the length of your life. Also some woman still have Endo and pain after a Hysto!

As far as drug management this still seems the best thing.

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