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Endo, menopause, HRT and soya milk

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick question. Anyone going through menopause and can't have dairy products or take HRT. Drinking soya milk? Is soya milk causing you any pains?

I can't take HRT as it has brought back my endo. I have been told to try natural products like soya milk or tofu. I have been drinking soya milk in my coffee and have notice that my endo pains are worse.


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I am unsure of this as I avoid soya at all costs due to endo being a hormone imbalance of too much estrogen. I have taken this from the web: "Soy contains phytoestrogens, or plant-based estrogens. These are mainly two isoflavones, genistein and daidzein, that act like estrogen, the female sex hormone, within the body"

I could explain it.

Have you tried rice milk?

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This link may help as it suggests dairy alternatives for endo on here drkathleenmahannah.com/2018...

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Thank you for the link, it was very Informative.


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Hi thank you for your reply, I used to drink unsweetened almond milk. Because I can't have any HRT my gynecological consultant said to try soya milk for a few months and see how I go. It's only been 3 weeks and I know by drinking soya milk it has triggered my endo pains. Thank you for sharing the information with me.


Hi a avoid soya too but have oat, rice corn almond milk. I use a bio identical progesterone cream as I can’t take hormones but they do bio identical creams fir menopause too. Xx

Are bio identical creams for menopause available on the NHS? I’m 9 weeks post hysterectomy for adeno and endo, not yet prescribed any HRT and reluctant to take Tibolone in case it flares up endo. Would bio identical creams help me deal with the menopause symptoms?

Any advice much appreciated. Thanks x

Hi they aren’t available on nhs but checkout wellsprings-health.com. I looked into it a lot before getting mine through them. They also issue useful newsletters. Worth checking out. They we’re also helpful when I needed advice. They do a progesterone cream for Peri menopausal ( I use fir Endo) they do a combined oestrogen and progesterone for menopause to help alleviate symptoms. I contacted them and they advised which one to take. It cost me about £80 for a years supply but it does help. The menopause cream takes time to work but many women say it helps with hot flushes, mood swings etc it’s worth looking into. Hope this helps x

Thank you, I’ll look into this x

Let me know how you get on. Look into black cohosh as well x

Hi, I was taking Tibolone and it activated my endo. Personally, I would avoid taking HRT of any kind. I don't know why the doctors say to women who have endo to take HRT. It doesn't make any sense to me.


Hi Sweety, I’m avoiding soy too for the reasons stated earlier. I was wanting to try Menopace supplements but found that they also contain soya isoflavones. I’m 9 weeks post hysterectomy and struggling a bit with menopause symptoms. I’ve not yet seen consultant to discuss Tibolone but I don’t want it if it’s going to cause flare up of symptoms. Best wishes x

Hi, wishing you a speedy recovery. I took Tibolone and it activated my endo. Have been in pain ever since. My hot flushes aren't so bad, I get them at night and morning. Eating chocolate after 6pm and coffee or alcohol after 6pm triggers my hot flushes to be worse.


Soya milk can spike your estrogen as stated above. Just make sure that whatever other milk alternative you use is calcium fortified as some aren't and that will be really important to bone health especially as you're not on HRT. (You may well already know this but I work in dietetics so thought I'd mention it)

Hi, thank you for your reply. I drink unsweetened almond milk and eat dairy free cheese.


Hi. Like you I have to avoid any dairy products. I also avoid soya as it is very rich in oestrogen and gives me pain and diarrhoea (sorry TMI). Consequently, I avoid all products that contain soya, chocolate contains soya, I take vegan chocolate. I use almond milk, coconut milk and their pudding. I am also gluten free. Its tough, but at least it stops the inflammation, the pain, the tummy problems and feeling completely drained. You need to be extra careful with vegan foods as they use a lot of soya, although I use vegan foods, I always check the ingredients. It's about working out what works for you. Hope this helps. 😊

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I'm gluten free, dairy free as well due to my bowel resection due to endo being inside my bowels, the endo damaged my bowels and now I have celiac disease, IBS I can't eat solid foods so most of the time I'm on a liquid diet. Eating solid foods causes pains. My diet is no fun, it's making me feel very depressed, exhausted and weak. Shopping takes longer to do as I have to check all the ingredients before buying things.


Hi Sweeyassi. You have all my compassion, I totally understand how you feel. I, too check all the ingredients before buying any new food. It is very demoralising all the stops and constraints it puts on our life. I, like you feel very lonely, despite having the full understanding and support of my husband who researches products for me but that can also be included to the family. Would you like that we share recipes? 😊

Hi Anastasia17,

It's nice to hear I'm not the only one, sorry to hear that you are going through this as well. I would love to share recipes with you.

I also forgot to mention that I complement my diet with magnesium glycenate, magnesium and zinc, vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron tablets.

I have to take D vit, magnesium, calcium zinc, Primrose oil, omega 3 oil tablets, the list is endless.


I totally agree with you sometimes it feels like a meal! It's not cheap either! But there's no denying that they do help.

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