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Induced menopause and HRT

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Hi I'm new to this do please bare with me :) I'm 24 years old and after 11 year have just been given the diagnosis of endo. I have been told my only option is to now have a series of injections which will bring on the menopause alongside HRT. I'm just wondering if anyone had gone through this and could give me any advice or what to expect? I'm so nervous but I'm hopeful it will stop this chronic pain!! Thanks in advance!

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The general gynea who operated on me suggested this to me too. I've seen two local GPs who specialise in women's health and they are reluctant to give me those injections due to my age (I'm 27), I've been having lots of problems again so I've asked to be referred to a BGSE centre to see what they can suggest as I'm already on the implant and the pill which once upon a time did mask my problems.

I'm also 24 and have been through the same sort of time scale as you. Although, I haven't actually been diagnosed with endo, it's what they think it is. Just about to get my second 3 month injection of decapeptyl and also on HRT. I'll be honest the first month was hell for me, but I suppose everyone is different. The plus side is after that first month I've had no pain at all and my mood has settled. I still get hot flushes and night sweats but that's nothing compared to the pain I was in. I was reluctant to even get the first injection but for me it's been worth it. Hope all goes well for you.

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Thanks for replying! :) I'm not sure which injection they are giving me I think my consultant might of mentioned prostap? But I'm not 100% sure. I've read horror stories on the internet about this so reading your story has helped. I know what you mean! Anything is better than this horrendous pain! Hope your treatment continues to be beneficial for you:)

hi. I'm sorry to your suffering with this horrible disease. I've just had my 3rd prostap injection ( without hrt at the moment) and its been brilliant, I had no side affects to start with but the odd hot flush has snuck in this month but its a small price to pay as my pain is drastically reduced. I was advised to have it after a lap which found the extent of my endometriosis was far worse than expected, I didn't have time to research into it and if I had i wouldn't have agreed to have as there are so many bad experiences out there with it.

are you being treated at a bsge centre? Xx

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I think that's the one I'm due to start, I'm being treated under the care of private gynae. I'm so nervous about starting them I've been told it should affect my fertility but the stories I've read have said different. I haven't had a lap yet but my consultant believes I have it quite severe and wants to start this to stop the growth of my endo before my lap. Thank you for your advice x

is there no possibility of you having the endo removed through laparoscopy? that is what I am getting done before you start these injections??

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Apparently my end has spread quite far, my consultant believes these injections will stop the growth of anymore endo and I will be getting a laparoscopy in a year's time :(

Make sure you are seeing a bgse endo specialist. They have had the correct training in surgery to be able to operate in complicated cases. Too many general gynaes like to think they are endo specialists when they are not.

Problem with private care is they do what you pay for. I had an ovary removed by a general gynae privately. I wonder if a bgse surgeon would have had the skills to save it. There's a fb page where you can ask fellow endo warriors their experience of surgeons/drs. Can provide you with the name by message if you want

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Thank you for your advice :) my consultant is a lead in endometriosis in the UK. I've never heard of bgse so I will ask her about it when I see her at the end of the month. She is fantastic though, I had surgery in June to remove a large quantity of polyps and cysts in my womb and ovary and she has been brilliant in that and in the recovery. If you could send me the details I'd be very much appreciative of that :) thank you so much

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I've just looked on the BSGE website and discovered my consultant is a bsge consultant! Thank you for your help :)

Hi I've just come across your post on here, I see it was now 5 years ago. I'm at the beginning of my journey with this, next month I will be given the chance to start my injections to shut down my ovaries. I was wondering how you got on? Do you have any advice etc, I'm so anxious xx

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Hi, I hope your journey is going okay!!I was on Prostap for a year and a half, it didn’t really do alot for me if I am honest I still has a lot of bleeding. I didn’t have many side effects apart

From hot flushes and night sweats.

I have now had 2 surgeries and have the merina coil and I am on the pill which appears to be working.

I hope that helps, if you have any further questions please ask away :)

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