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Temporary Menopause injections without HRT?


Has anyone been given the injections to induce temporary menopause but decided not to take hrt alongside the injections?

And if so, did you use any alternatives to deal with the side effects of the injections?

Any words of wisdom would be so appreciated 💕

Thanks ladies- hope you all have a lovely day xx

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HiI had prostap over a year ago and wasn't given/offered HRT

Had really bad menopause symptoms, hot flushes, night sweats, joint pain, and a very low mood it was difficult to cope with. The only thing that kept me going was knowing I was only going to be having three injections. Periods finished on the second month and endo pains were slightly calmer.

I'm back on Prostap again, but this time I have been given HRT to help with side effects and support bones. I've had three injections, forth one booked for next month. I haven't had any menopause side effects but my endo symptoms have gone on major overdrive and that has been even harder to deal with. Still waiting to see if my periods have stopped (I'm only a couple of days late at the moment)

Good luck

take care

Gill1977 in reply to plotments

Thank you. I'm so sorry to hear you're having such a hard time of it. I'm 43 and I'm already experiencing all the menopause symptoms (plus more) that you describe above (with the exception of hot flushes). They didn't find endo on my last lap in Dec 2019 but I had some endo removed when I was about 28ish. They are thinking adenomyosis. Mri in March discovered 5cm cyst on left ovary and multiple tiny fibroids deep in lining of my uterus - but no obvious signs of adeno or endo. I'm in awful pain essentially daily now and the bloating is unreal - so the next step is injections....


Mheulgio in reply to plotments

Poor you! My endo symptoms were ridiculous the first 2 months then calmed way down. I would get a flare up for a few days with each injection but I’ve now been moved to 3 monthly as I’ll be waiting likely into 2022 for my hysterectomy. So I’m not getting the monthly flare ups at least. Hope you get some relief soon!

I did it for 5 months. I’ve had a TIA/DVTs and have factor V Leiden so HRT wasn’t recommended. I tried using magnesium at night and different herbal remedies like black cohort (sp?), valerian root etc. but it wasn’t cutting it. Hot flushes, headaches and insomnia were just killing me! So I’ve decided to take the risk and now using HRT patches! Huge difference!! No more flushes or headaches. Insomnia is still present but that may be other factors. Patches have their own side effects (bloating and huge appetite!) but minimal in comparison.

I’m glad I gave it a go for awhile but I felt I was suffering as badly as I was pre-injections-just in a different way.

So now-endo symptoms reduced and medication side effects managed. 👍

All temporary for me whilst I wait for hysterectomy surgery but I will be considering longer term herbal relief when I’m in full menopause post surgery as not keen on HRT long term (40 years old).

Gill1977 in reply to Mheulgio

It's good to hear that you're currently feeling the positive effects from your medication. Like you, I'm reluctant to take hrt - at any point, never mind long term. Xx

Hi - I am 34 and have had 2 injections, currently waiting on my third. I have had 4 laps for endo but it just grows back so I will be on the injections for the foreseeable as surgery is just not an option.

I get the flushes and the night sweats and a few other side effects but it has helped with the pain immensely so the trade off it worth it! But, my Dr has given me HRT as I am so young. She said HRT is good for younger women and doesn't pose much risk but i would say it's down to you. Do some research and speak to people if

You can. I'm still thinking about it as It's another trade off - stop symptoms of menopause or risk getting something serious.

I have been taking sage tablets as a natural alternative - they can't make things worse so always worth a shot.

Hope this helps :)

Gill1977 in reply to Dani707

Thank you so much for responding. The potential risks of HRT terrify me, so would prefer to go down the natural route if possible, Do you feel sage has helped any? I'm so sorry to hear that your endo keeps returning. 🤗 x

Dani707 in reply to Gill1977

Och, it is what it is. Endo is not fun! Ha

I haven't noticted much with the sage but it's still early doors so I will keep trying. There is also a thing called a Chillow Pillow which I'm going to buy and there is a quite a cool wee fan from Currys that you can set on timers which someone told me to try. Hopefully you can try a few things that might help 😊

Hi, I'm currently 3 months in to Zoladex injections. I've been given a prescription for HRT but haven't cashed it in as of yet as I'm trying to get by without. Daily headaches, hot flushes and joint pain but managing with lots of baths, general pain relief and multiple fans that travel with me!! Everyone is different and I'm lucky not to be suffering too badly

Gill1977 in reply to cosima

Hello! Thank you for replying. I think I just keep thinking that I can cope with the side effects better that the constant pain and bloating I currently experience. I think like you, I might see how I get on without it. I already experience many peri menopause symptoms anyway - would like to understand how my body would feel if I do ultimately decide to have a hysterectomy. xx

Hello, I was 42 when I started on Prostap which I was on for about 18 months. For the endo it was wonderful, just stopped everything! I was very reluctant to take HRT as I have such a bad reaction to taking the pill but I started to get night sweats, and heart palpitations. I reluctantly took the HRT and it really helped. The side effects almost vanished (i had the odd hot night but that also seemed to coincide with an evening on the red wine!) After 18 months I was put on the mirena which hasn’t been very successful so I am going to go back to Prostap & HRT. I have endo & adeno. Feel free to DM me if I can help with anything more x

Gill1977 in reply to 1234Pasta

Thank you! I had an awful experience with the coil at the start of the year so I won't be revisiting that one! Night sweats and palpitations are already in full swing in this 43 year old unfortunately. My husband says its like sleeping next the ready brek woman! 🤣 Do you feel that the prostrap made a difference to your adeno symptoms too? ( I know there's a huge cross over and that it can be hard to tell the difference) xx

1234Pasta in reply to Gill1977

Absolutely. I was period/pain free from about 3 weeks in. Would have happily stayed on it but as I’d never tried the mirena that was suggested as an option with less risk. Wish I’d never bothered! Hope the injections work as well for you

I was on prostap for about 9 months, half was without hrt as the specialist wanted me to take it but my GP wasn’t happy. I said I would try it without, after each injection I felt fluey, hot flushes, fatigue etc but after seeing specialist again she said I MUST take the hrt because it’s only short term so risk is minimal and we need estrogen for our heart and bone health. So I went on hrt. I had the patches as I’ve got blood clot risk in family. These were hard to get hold of but did help with prostap symptoms. Do you have an endo nurse you can ask for advice? x

Thanks for replying. No I don't have an endo nurse. My consultant didn't any remaining or new endo in my last lap in December, but suspects Adenomyosis. I'm under a private hospital (so lucky) so I've just been dealing with him directly. I guess this might change if I need to go to the private hospital for monthly injections. Are you feeling the benefits of both the injections and HRT? xx

I’m not on either now as I’ve had my op but although prostap was rubbish at first, it gave me my life back and really helped me. Yes adenomyosis is rough, I don’t have this just endo but having both must be so rough, you have my sympathy :( rubbish you don’t have an endo nurse, as I always feel I’m full of questions but don’t like disturbing the specialist but don’t mind asking the endo nurse xx

Ladies - can I just thank you all for being so wonderful and forthcoming with your stories, advice and information. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. It really makes me feel less alone in this journey. Hope you've all managed to have a lovely day so far. And thank you again, Gill xx


Hi, I've been on decapeptyl injections for about 8 months, I didnt want to take HRT but the hot flushes just got too much! And my specialist said that after being on the injection for 6months I would have to start taking the HRT anyway due to bone density, I was 38 now 39 and still waiting for a hysterectomy, I did find for the first couple of months of taking the HRT I did find some pains came bk (not as bad) and I feel the longer I'm on the injection the less it seems to work(or the endo is just getting worse) good luck with everything and I hope u make the right decision for u x

Gill1977 in reply to Pureunicorn

Thank you. Hope your hysterectomy goes well. I'm hoping that my injections will only be for 3 months but I guess I just need to wait and see. Had call with my gp yesterday who basically told me everything I'm feeling is all in my head and due to anxiety/depression/low mood and that I should go on antidepressants. Aaarrrgghhh! Xxx

Pureunicorn in reply to Gill1977

They just dont have a clue!! We know how we feel and they should be more supportive! Fingers crossed u wont need it for longer and good luck x

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