How long does it take for a surgical menopause to show symptoms?

I had a TLH and BSO nearly 4 weeks ago. I wondered how soon I might start to feel the first signs of menopause?

Has anyone else had ovaries removed recently and can share any timescales, expectations and advice? My consultant has said I must not taken any HRT remedies containing hormones for a year. Is this usual in endometriosis cases and can anyone suggest alternatives?

Thank you in advance

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  • Hi ... hope your recovery is going well.

    I went straight into the menopause next day,.Consultants have different opinions re Hrt , I was on patches from the next day. They where a very low dose much less than the body would naturally produce.

    You could try Menopace .. it's very good controlling symptoms .

  • Just ordering some menopace now online, thank you.

  • Hi i had abdominal hyst bk in 2014 all i have left is a vagina !, immediately i notice extreme hot flushes loss of body fat in odd places within a few months i found id lose my temper were i could usually keep my cool , in 2016 i noticed i no longer had flashes but drenching head and neck sweats still do but not as bad and no hair under my armpits thats bout it id say 2-3 years tops hun. , best thing i ever did only thing is ive no sex drive what so ever which suits me i look at the world in a more content way now i understand having no sex drive wont suit most ladies tho, hope thus helps x

  • Ps ... never took hrt x

  • My symptoms became noticeable after about 4 weeks but may have occurred earlier! I had major complications after my hysterectomy and needed emergency surgery and a stoma so other issues took over.

    I was given livial and they said not to take it for 3 months but when I met with my surgeon to discuss the complications after 2 months they said to start it. In my follow up he said to continue it until 2018 then go on to an oestrogen only hrt.

  • Thank you all for your replies. It's tricky separating symptoms from post surgery and endo pain.

    I've added sharp headaches, sore joints and nausea to my usual list of ailments with longer spells awake at night either side of the pain wake hours - oh joys. I guess I might be heading into it. I had 2 nights sweating the first 2 nights home after my operation but none since, would probably be too optimistic to say that's my flushes dealt with.

    Have woken up in a positive mood this morning despite the debilitating back pain - might be the 2 codeine I took at 3 am!

    Thank you all again.

  • joint pain, headaches and insomnia are all signs of menopause so based on that you're already in it. I am 6 weeks post op but was on prostap with no hrt add back prior to that so was in menopause anyway. My main symptom so far is flushes and night sweats. Went through the headaches and joint pain with the prostap. With a bso there is no slow transition into menopause, they take out your ovaries and it's instant. Some women have worse symptoms than others. I have been told I can start on hrt 3 months post op, so it will have been nearly 6 months in menopause without it by then. I can feel the lack of oestrogen but it's better than the state I was in before the surgery.

  • Thanks joreilly

    I've ordered some menopace original and either pants magnets or jewellery, all to the amusement of my husband. He asks is losing your marbles a symptom too?

    Let's hope he keeps his sense of humour.


  • I suspect it probably is, though I am so much less anxious now than I was before which has really helped. I was on cerazette for 6 months last year though and that did send me completely loopy.

  • I am seven months post TLH and BSO. Haven't taken anything for it. I get the occasional hot flush - normally after eating sugar. They are bearable and only last a short time. I was interested to see the comments about joint pain though. As the months have gone by my "get out of bed" hobble has been getting worse. I'd put it down to a broken ankle and DVT injury last year. Went to the doctor this week as it was getting really annoying.

    My B12 levels were really low but everything else normal. Dr suggested I try a few supplements. On B12, magnesium and glucosamine. Since taking it for the past 4 days the joint and muscle aches and pains all over my body has eased and I can do the morning walk down the stairs without needing to hold on again!

    Good luck.

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