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Period after endometriosis surgery


Has anyone had very heavy periods after endometriosis surgery? My first one was very light but my second one is so heavy. My cycle length was a lot longer too. I don’t know if it’s the stress of surgery?

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Yeah, I've had weird periods after excision surgery. Post-op I had a drawn-out thing which had short bursts of very heavy bleeding, including with some pieces of excised tissue flowing out (yum!!), alternating with days of extremely light flow. When it's still close to the recovery time it seems like there really is a fair chance it is just a response to the surgery. Take care of yourself with the heavy flow this time but wait and see whether your next few periods follow the same trend... xx

kitscat in reply to Rube2

Thanks for replying. Yes I had some tissue too. My periods are heavier too which is confusing! Xx

yeah mine were a bit weird, the uterus doesn't like being poked and moved around so kind of goes into shock, our cycles end up a bit all over the place.

Mine took about 4 to 5 cycles after my lap to settle. So give it time. It should get lighter and easier to manage xx

kitscat in reply to farahziya

Thank you. We are trying for a baby too so it’s frustrating as I was regular as clockwork beforehand! Xx

farahziya in reply to kitscat

It can take a bit of time.

I found my naturalcycles app really helps for when things have settled; it uses OPK tests and basal temp to plan cycles and ovulation, it gets to know you over a few cycles and then becomes more effective, bringing in more fertile days then other apps as it's specific to you. I'm not planning or preventing (letting nature take it's course), but it does really help me understand my symptoms.

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